02 oktober 2009

Thank you very much!

It´s time to do something about my bad conscience. I have felt so unpolite the last weeks. I´m very grateful for the beautiful things I´ve received and I feel very spoilt.

A couple of weeks ago this cute little bag arrived in my mailbox. It was from Christine, I was the lucky winner. Thank you very much Christine!! I really love it, this one was the cutest.....

A few days ago I received my bag from the Friendship Bag Swap. It came from Mandy all the way to Sweden from Australia.

At that´s not all that was in that parcel!
Look at this picture....I feel so spoilt.... Thank you very much!

Today there was another parcel in my mailbox, two beautiful fabrics from Carina. I was the lucky winner in her giveaway. These fabrics are really my style, thank you Carina.

That´s all from me today, I try to catch up with a little bit of everything each day. I will be back tomorrow, more to show and tell. And I´m planning to catch up with my e-mails tomorrow too....that means a lot of work....but I feel satisfied being back again!

6 kommentarer:

2ne sa...

Så heldig du har vært. Ønsker deg en riktig god helg.

Jackie sa...

You really did receive a bunch of wonderful gifts! Lucky you!

clare's craftroom sa...

Wow didn't you receive some lovely things , lucky you !

Herzblatt sa...

What a lot of wonderful presents you have got....like Christmas. I hope your mother feels better !!! The Heartbeat Quilt looks marvellous....you are a very lovely daughter!!!
Best wishes also for your mother and I wish her all the best

Anonym sa...

Your very welcome.


Anonym sa...

Your very welcome.