23 mars 2009

I have visited my mother

This weekend my mother had a belated birthday party and then I took this picture of the cat quilt I gave her on her real birthday last month.

This is how it looks when finished. A lot of cats.......

Tonight I´m exercising my brain. My Paypal account is set up, next question is: how do I use it on my blog and/or web site????
But I´m persistent and I will not give up......

Have a nice week,


4 kommentarer:

HerzBlatt sa...

Wow!!!...The cat quilt is great!!!!
I am always exercising my brain when I have any problems in my blog or somewhere else in the internet...sometimes my brain gives up....:-))
Best wishes

Anonym sa...

Tänk jag var där hela kvällen och märkte då rakt inte att du fotograferade det. kan det ha hänt när jag gav mig ut efter kanelbullar?

Anonym sa...

What a beautifull quilt

Anonym sa...

Just passing by. Btw, your blogg have great content!
Greetings from Sweden =)