28 oktober 2008

OOPS!! I did it again!

Today I´ve started on a new project, some log cabin scrap blocks. It´s not a very serious project, just had to try... Found the idea in a magazine and just had to try... Only one or a couple...this evening I made almost four.... It was fun, maybe I can made them now and then when I need something easy as a little break....

Yesterday I was in Malmö together with my mother and daugther. We visited my sister and did some shopping. Of course there were fabric that had to go home with me.

Red and green, and some pieces of flanell, for My Christmas Angel. I had planned to buy them, so ok.

Roses and dots, they are for a quite big project I have in my mind. A quilt with a heart and love theme.... stitcheries.... applique.... I have to collect the fabrics...so that´s ok.

These fabrics just looked at me and showed all their beauty. I couldn´t say no, is that ok?

Today I´ve been back at Syverkstan again and I have had another stitching day.....

Some hearts left to stitch, but the quilting is done. Tomorrow I will add the binding and then; finished.

Inside: The pockets and pincushion are put in place, and the stitchery is finished. Only a little bit left on this project, and then it´s ready for the mail box and it´s long journey to....

Bed time, see you tomorrow!


26 oktober 2008

Here it comes - the apple pie recipe!

Thank you for helping me with the pumpkin pie recipe. I made one yesterday evening and it was yummy. But it was a little bit of a surprise for me, I had expected it more "fruity". There was a "Christmas smell" in our kitchen, just like gingerbread. Josefin took a picture of the pie, but I don´t have her memorycard right now. I will show you that one later.

But for now, here comes my apple pie recipe. The oatmeal is that one you use for porridge, like flakes.... It´s a bit difficult sometimes to know what´s common in other parts of the world...ask if you don´t understand...and sorry, I have no picture.

Apple Pie

6 apples (approx 800 gram)

150 gram butter

3 dl oatmeal

2 dl sugar

½ dl light syrup

1 ½ dl flour

½ teaspoon baking powder

2 tablespoons milk

1. Preheat oven to 175 C. Melt the butter in a pot. Take away from heat. Add all other ingredients except the apples.

2. Peel, pit and cut the apples into thin slices. Put the apples in a buttered, oven safe pan. Share the mixture on top.

3. Place the pan in the oven for about 30 minutes or untill the pie is golden brown and a little bit hard, like toffee. Serve with ice cream or vanilla sauce.

Today is a very, very rainy and windy (stormy) day here by me. The perfect day for stitching, ehh, I mean for cleaning and washing, don´t want to go outside. Most of the leaves are gone and it´s dark quite early in the evenings now. This time of the year I hope we will get a snowy winter, but not before December...
See you later,

24 oktober 2008

Help me please!

Tonight my daugther is going to have a Halloween party. A little bit early. She has bought a pumpkin which she will put a candle in. But the "inside" she will give to me. Pumpkin pie, yes, I´ve never tasted that pie and now the time has come. But the problem is, I have no recipe. Is there any kind person out there who wants to help me....please.... I promised to serve my son a piece of that pie too....

In Sweden autumn is apple time and I will share one of my best recipes, tomorrow, when I´m at home.

But I have another thing to share, my version of all fall words I recieved last week.

#1 was pumpkin, but crisp, leaves and apples were also very popular words. I made this little autumn picture with all words in it just for fun! If you want a copy please tell me and I will send you an e-mail. I know I havn´t answered all comments, there were over 100, but thank you everybody, I´m happy you were interested in my giveaway.

Today there hasn´t been much sewing, instead a trip to town. And tonight we are going to have dinner at a restaurant, nice when you don´t need to cook on a Friday night.

But there was a little progress on My Stitcher´s Angel project:

Some pockets and a pin cushion.

And now I know that my angel comes from Australia, my parcel is on its way. How exciting! Hurry up, mailman!

Now it´s time to leave for the restaurant.

Have a nice weekend everybody!


23 oktober 2008

A busy angel

Today I´ve been busy working on my Stitchers´Angel projects. Time runs away, next week it must be finished, I know. But yes, it´s OK with me. It´s so exciting! Who is my angel?
This one is finished, a little sewing bag. Maybe I add some buttons....

The other side

A little stitchery, finished but.....

there is a little bit more to do on that project......

And who is the recipient? Secret!

The table runner, my giveaway last week is finished and on its way to Ale in Italy. I will show you some pics of it here.
Ale, if you want it to be a secret until it arrives in your mailbox, don´t scroll down.

Here it is:

Squares and leaves
A closer look
The back side, easier to see the quilting.
Enough for this time. I´ll be back soon with my little "word thing", made out of all your fall words last week. Guess which was the most popular one?!

Take care,

20 oktober 2008

Yes, I´m alive!

Here I am, still alive! Today we were trying to get nice pictures for my patterns. Did we made it? I don´t know yet, but we had a fun time!

Here she is, stitched, sister #3, My Sewing Angel. Quilting time!

Today the postman was kind to me, and so was Helene Juul from Denmark. She send me some wonderful fabrics.

Thank you very, very much, Helene!!!!

Reproductions from the 30s. I really love them!

Christmas fabrics....

...... and more Christmas....love the snowman....must create my own.....tonight...now!

Yes, I think it will be Christmas for me tonight, the snowman is waiting to be born, and then some stitches on My Christmas Angel.
But first I have to cook, everybody here are hungry....no inspiration.....boring...have to pull my self together......OK! Let´s go!

Have a nice time,


13 oktober 2008

Fall into Fall - giveaway!

Now the drawing is finished, with a little help from my daugther, and the winner is:

Ale :o+ sa...
Wow I'm the first! =)Hi Helena! My fovourite autums words are rains smell.. I love it!I read often your blog and your works are great!Have a nice week! =)Ale xxx

Congratulations to you! Please let me know your snail-mail address and the table runner will be yours!

Thank you everybody who has participated in this and thank you Debi!

I´ve got a lot of wonderful fall (autumn) words and I´m going to make something out of them. Have got a little idea, so welcome back there will be a post soon....

Time for a fall giveaway! I discovered that my blog have had more that 10 000 visitors, fantastic! Wanted to celebrate that....
...and at the same time I discovered this blog, in the last minute, but decided to paricipate anyway, so it will be a hurry one!

You will leave your comment telling me your favorite fall word (mine is "colours") and the drawing will be in the late evening of 15/10. Just make sure there are some way for me to reach you if you are the winner! If you leave a "no-reply comment" I can´t!

If you are the winner you will get a table runner made of these fabrics, the same as in my autumn bag in earlier posts. The design will be my own, but I have no picture yet. A little bit of a surprise!

And I will add some secret goodies too....

More fun: http://fallintofallquilters.blogspot.com/ There you will find links to a lot of bloggers who have giveaways on their blogs, many wonderful thing to win.....

OK, time to start working, I have a table runner to finish!

CLOSED, waiting for the winner to be drawn, soon.......


10 oktober 2008

More angels!

Today it´s a rainy, cloudy quite dark day here by me, but I´ve ligthened it up with some stitching....makes me sunny inside......

Number two, My Kitchen Angel, is finished.

She´s busy working, carrot soup for dinner maybe?

Tea is served....

.... together with a delicious cup cake.

What should I´ve done without My Kitchen Angel?

She loves cats, just like I do.
Some days ago the fourth sister was born, and guess who she is!?

Stars on her wings and a heart in her hair...

Some of her favorite belongings....

She is busy decorating this....

and then she will go to the post office...

Tonight I will be busy stitching on number three, My Sewing Angel. I hope she will be finished this weekend or so.

A lot of people have asked questions about my angels and here are the answers.
I´m gonna make patterns of them, yes, and they will be for sale.
As soon as I´ve finished the stitching my daugther will help me with better photos and then I will finish the pattern making and after that they will be available....all over the world....more information then about how to buy them....

My Gardening Angel and My Kitchen Angel are ready for photos, perhaps this weekend, so their patterns are not far away now...

Time to grab the needle....

Have a nice weekend,


09 oktober 2008

I´ve been tagged!

I´ve been nominated by Dawni and I think it ´s a funny thing. Let´s go!

If you are interested, here come 7 facts about me:

1. I´m left handed, but I can write with my right hand too.
2. I really love cats but I´m allergic to them.
3. I´ve been in Thailand four times and in Russia but never in the north of Sweden.
4. I love to stitch by hand, even bindings...
5. I did a lot of paintings about ten years ago, love watercolours...
6. I hate watching all sort of sports.
7. Thimbles are not my best friends, never used them. But they can be beautiful....

That was that. Now I have to nominate 7 persons myself. I´ll be back with links to them later....

Have a nice time,

08 oktober 2008


My daughter has a giveaway on her blog, only for you in Sweden. I feel sorry for you who can´t participate, it´s a wonderful price!
Her blog is in Swedish but everybody are welcome to take a look at her beautiful pictures and say hallo, it would be a surprise for her! She has made all the beautiful jewelry herself, I´m proud of her...


A Report from my Tuesday

I´ve finished the stitchery on My Kitchen Angel and she is ready for some quilting.

All pieces together on my autumn bag, time for some stitchery.

A little bag for my Stitchers´Angel, sewed together and quilted and I will add....

....this and handles and then finished, then 3 more items to make....

Yesterday I also started stitching My Sewing Angel, she will appear here soon....

Take care, hugs,


07 oktober 2008

I haven´t forgot you....

I´m sitting here, just looking out. It´s the first frosty morning this autumn and it looks really cold. Can I go back to bed? No, don´t think so, but where is my warm jacket....

I feel a bit unpolite these days but I haven´t forgot you, all my friends out there in the world. I know I haven´t done things I said I should, not answered all your nice comments or left some on your bloggs. Sorry, but I have been very busy the last two weeks, with two different "projects". Haven´t stayed at home one evening for two weeks, but tonight I will, I hope.....

The funny one: I helped my daugther Josefin and my friend Anette with their participating in the "Wedding and Party Fair" last Sunday, I sewed a lot of tableclothes, curled hair, decorated.....
All worked out well and they were both satisfied.

A little bit boring was that my mother has sold our old summerhouse, (my father built it when I was a little girl), and I had to help her empty it. That should be done in about ten days! In the attic where things, and memories, saved in about 40 years.... Jonatan, my son, helped us, and I´m happy for that. He´s a little bit stronger than my mother....

But now all this are history and I will have more time for my computer and all my blogging friends. Sounds good to me.

See you,


06 oktober 2008

The first one is finished!

Now she´s finished and hangs on my studio wall. But some day this week I hope it stops raining and she will go out in the garden for some photos. I need them for the front of the pattern - soon ready. The photos I took yesterday are of a bad quality, I know, better will come....

Here she is, with binding and the buttons in place!

A closer look.

She has picked some flowers and the butterfly is interested in them.

The flowers need water.

Yesterday evening I almost finished the stitching of My Kitchen Angel, just a few letters left to stitch. When that one´s finished it´s time for the sewing one, and the Christmas one and..... and who knows how many they will be in the end. They are so funny to create!

Now it´s Monday morning and time to go down to my studio and go on with all my projects, I think I have to start with my Stitchers´Angel project.....

Have a nice week,


03 oktober 2008

A sneak peek

If anybody thinks that I´m working on too many projects at the same time, it´s OK, that´s true.

But I had to start with my Stitchers´ Angel projects, I feel I´m a little bit in a hurry, but I believe I will finish it in time...

Every piece for the projects are cut and the next step is a stitchery on the big white one....
What I will make? A stitching bag, a small basket, a case for stitching items and a pin cushion.... maybe something more... I have scraps...

Today I have to sew a lot of white table clothes for the fair on Sunday, sounds fun.....or not...... :)

I´ll better start with that work.....

Take care,