29 januari 2013


A lot of strips were cut.....

.....and stitched together (and the light disappeared, awful pictures).

And the dress was finished too......

Now I´m going to search for photo lamps, seriously! 

28 januari 2013

Spring fabrics

Monday morning and time to cut. These beautiful fabrics will be cut into patches and then stitched together again around my spring angel. It´s a funny day today.....

25 januari 2013

Hi, it´s me!

Hello everybody! I´m on my way. I´m stitched and so is my garden. Now we are going to make a dress for me. It´s much more beautiful in real life.....
On Monday we will cut patches for my quilt, wonderful spring colours.....
See you soon!

Greetings from the Spring Angel

23 januari 2013


This is the hearts I made on Monday. I needed something new for my display window when Christmas was over. Easy made but cute, I think.
Yesterday was the big stitching day, and so is today, pictures will come....

21 januari 2013

Smultron - Steninge

So, the last pattern in the "Smultron"-series is finished and available in the shop. 

Now it`s going to be a busy stitching time, my spring angel is the next project....but before that I will finish a couple of hearts that I will use for decoration in my studio.

19 januari 2013

Top result

My jellyroll-top is finished. It was really funny to make something like this, fast and easy. Hope I will find some time for the quilting.....but now I´m busy stitching on my spring angel.

17 januari 2013

And the winner is......

.......BillieBee (billiemick).


Thank you all for the nice comments you sent me.

Today I´m working hard to finish the "Smultron-Steninge"-pattern, the last one in my bag series. If everything  goes my way it will be available in the shop tomorrow.

15 januari 2013

Christmas is over....

.....and my friends will leave. But before that I took a photo.

14 januari 2013

Here we are!

Finally finished, Crazy Dog 11 &12. You will find them on my website, click on "Freebees".
Now I´m going to assemble my quilt and then you can find instructions and pictures of that too.

Thank you for all nice comments on the giveaway-post. There are still time to leave a comment and have a chance to win one of my patterns......

11 januari 2013

Crazy Dog 12

This is a sneak peek of the Crazy Dog 12-pattern which I´m using today stitching my block. Soon finished and later today Crazy Dog 11 & 12 will be available on my website.

A Giveaway!

My last post was my 300th! Wow, that´s a lot, and I have had fun writing them all. Because of that I want to celebrate with a giveaway.
Visit my shop on my website, write a comment here on my blog and tell me which pattern you like most.
If you are the winner the pattern will be yours.
The draw will be on next Wednesday,  January 16th.

10 januari 2013

Finished soon

Only the stitchery left. The 12th one is getting its blanket stitches and if my sewing machine doesn´t get too hot you will find the dogs on my website tomorrow.
To be continued......

A doggy day

The sewing machine is "warmed up" and I´m so inspired.... This little creature is first out today and I hope there will be one more block done in the afternoon. Crazy Dog 11 & 12, here we go.....

09 januari 2013


Finished at last, my next project for the Fat Quarter-magazine.

There are a lot going on now, old projects that need to be finished and new that I long to start.
First out are the two last Crazy Dogs-blocks. The patterns are ready now, and I will stitch my dogs  tomorrow. I hope I can publish them on Friday. Then I will finish my Smultron-toilet bag. Just have to crochet the lace. At the same time I´m stitching on my spring angel. Lots of work, but really funny!
A lot of fabric piles are waiting for me, wanting to be transformed.....

Thank you very much!

It´s working again, so happy.....
I´m tired of Explorer, have had similar problems before. Don´t know why I didn´t remember that myself.

Well, now I can publish again and there will be new posts soon.

08 januari 2013

No pictures

I can´t upload any pictures here since last Thursday, tried a lot of times, but no....
Anyone else who has got that problem?

I had promised myself to be a better blogger, post almost everyday.....mission impossible!
I will be back with a lot of pictures as soon as it works again, soon I hope.

02 januari 2013

The first stitchery this year....

.....but not the last. Ok, I didn´t stitch everything this year, but I finished it today.
Together with a lot of patches in wonderful colours it will be......a secret.
I can give you a little sneak peek of the stitcheries, but you have to wait for the finished project.

01 januari 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2013!
365 days of sewing. 
Inspired? Psyched up?