21 mars 2011

I´ve built a house!

I started to build a house a while ago....purchased the material.

I started with blocks for the roof.

Then I used a lot of bricks and made walls. Windows and a door....and here it is.....my house!

Six different persons are ready to move in. The first one will be a grandma.
When everybody are there I will do some gardening....

16 mars 2011


I have a winner, chosen by the random number generator, and it is....


I think you are a lucky girl.....congratulations!

You just have to wait for the mailman......

Thank you everybody for all nice comments!

14 mars 2011

Crazy Cat 4

Meow! Here I am, Crazy Cat 4.

Dont forget my Give away! (previous post)
Today is the last day for comments, the winner will be announced tomorrow.

05 mars 2011

Grandma´s Roses - pattern release and give away!

 Finally finished - Grandma´s Roses! 

The roses are designed by my mother, the grandma in our family. She has always drawn this kind of roses, as long as I can remember, and I love them. So I asked her for a special version for this quilt.
Then I stitched them and made blocks.....and now it´s there my rose quilt.
You can find the pattern in my shop, but if you will try your luck and win your copy enter my

Give away!

Leave a comment on this post and I will count you in.
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Don´t forget that there must be a way for me to contact you if you are the winner.
Last day for entering is March 14th.

More pictures:

04 mars 2011

Construction business - that´s my new thing!

I don´t know if I can call me construction engineer, but I´ve started with house building. My house is made of fabric, of course!
I´ve purchased the material, the draftings are finished and the inspiration is on top. Time to start!

A lot of patches!

I´m looking for lodgers, have to wait and see who is coming out of my pencil. When I´ve found six persons that I like I will let them move in  (stitch them in the windows).

Then it´s time for some gardening, some flowers in front of the house would look nice.