29 augusti 2012

Grandma´s Roses

More roses....
It was my mother, grandma in our family, who created this rose a long while ago.
That´s why I named this quilt "Grandma´s Roses".

25 augusti 2012

Crazy Dog 8

Crazy Dog 8 is finished, download on my website, click on"Freebees".

23 augusti 2012

Josefin´s Beauty Bag

The turquoise bag was a birthday gift for my daugther Josefin.
I made the purple one for myself and then they became a pattern, "Josefin´s Beauty Bag".
You will find it in my webshop.

20 augusti 2012

Guardian Angels

A pillow and a small wall hanger.... 
Guardian Angels is the next pattern you can find in my webshop.

19 augusti 2012

Butterfly Bags

The next pattern in my shop is Butterfly Bags. I made that bag in two sizes.
Perfect for your sewing things, maybe it will be a gift for someone......

18 augusti 2012

My Season Bag

The first of  "My Season Bags" was made for a woman in Florida. I designed it with inspiration from our Swedish summer flowers. Then I went on with the autumn bag and after a while I had made four bags. Stitchery patterns for all four seasons are included.

16 augusti 2012

My Sewing Angel

Finally the third angel, My Sewing Angel.

If you want to make them all I´ve made a "special edition", all three angels for the price of two.
Just visit the shop on my website.

15 augusti 2012

My Kitchen Angel

The second angel was My Kitchen Angel.

13 augusti 2012

My Gardening Angel

Pattern #2, My Gardening Angel, was my first angel, but not the last.....