30 oktober 2010

My waistcoat

Here are pictures of what I´ve made so far. A waistcoat with my logo on the back. There is a little more stitching to do and then I will layer it and quilt. I´m busy because it has to be finished before next Saturday.

Take care and happy stitching,


27 oktober 2010

Soon it is Christmas.....

.....but where has October gone? I know I have been busy working but when my daugther told me yesterday that there was no post on my blog since the beginning of the month......can´t believe it....

Well, here I am and here are my Christmas patterns. You can find them in my shop.

My Christmas Angel

Crazy Christmas

My Heart Belongs To Christmas

I promise to be back tomorrow with pictures from my new project. It´s something for myself this time.

Take care and happy stitching,


09 oktober 2010

New patterns!

 Two new patterns in the shop, "Windy Welcome" and "Pumpkin Pleasure".

The winners from my competition are presented on my website.

Busy working on my Christmas patterns, soon in the shop for you!

Take care and happy stitching,

03 oktober 2010

A lot of stitches....

 .....and my Christmas Angel is finished.

Cutting time!

Today I´m out of red embroidery thread, can´t stitch until tomorrow.....poor me!

Take care and happy stitching,


01 oktober 2010

Pumpkin Pleasure

 That´s the name of the autumn table runner. It´s finished and I´m satisfied. I love these autumn colours, think they are "mine".

Autumn came fast this year, it always do, and soon it is Christmas. How many days left? No, I don´t like to know.

I´m busy working on this years Christmas projects: My Christmas Angel, an ornament wallhanger and a "Christmas card pocket". Still stitching and stitching and stitching.....soon a lot of cutting.

Take care and happy stitching,