28 maj 2012

Progress - The Bag

Working hard on my bag. It´s time to make the front and back.

 I cut a lot of strips and stitched them together.


Then I cut the block into four pieces.

Added them to a larger piece of fabric.

This is where the pockets are going to be.

The handles are next. About 6 meters of handstitching.....

22 maj 2012

Crazy Dog 5

Time for the next one.....Crazy Dog 5.....you will find him on my website.

16 maj 2012

The pocket is finished!

That´s it! The pocket is binded and the lace is stitched in place.

Time to stitch all the strips together that I have cut...I want the bag finished know!

14 maj 2012

I forgot....

Here is a little creature who didn´t show up on the blog. It´s Crazy Dog 4 who has been available on my website for a while, but who I because of all my technical problems forgot to publish here.

Today I have started to work on the fifth dog, and if everything goes my way he or she will be available for downloading before the end of this week.

09 maj 2012

This is the result

The applique is finished. All parts are in their places and the blanket stitches are made.
Just have to bind and decorate and the pockets for my bag are finished.
I made the flower pattern a long time ago but I didn´t know how to use it. Now I´m sure this was the right project!

To be continued....

08 maj 2012

Today is a good day....

......today I´m smart! All pictures are back on my website and I fixed it all by myself.

A lot of cutting is what have happened today too. A lot of small pieces in different colours.
Tomorrow I will show you the finished applique....

07 maj 2012

My website is back!

And I have got even more grey hair.....The support from Loopia (the webbhotel) was fantastic, it didn´t take more than 5 minutes for answering and help. That´s service!
Now there´s one more problem to solve and that´s why some of the pictures not will appear on the site.
I think the red crosses are quite beautiful, but......

This weekend a lot of laces have been made. Crocheting is fun, I think I have to do more....
The laces are for my new bag project.

I have started with the sewing too, using the wonderful fabric Anna och Butiken Annalunda gave me.

02 maj 2012

Working hard....

.....moving my website into a web hotel. I haven´t solved all the problems yet, but tomorrow I hope it will be finished....