12 november 2010


Take care and happy stitching,


11 november 2010

In any case it was funny....

Back home again from Stockholm and Malmoe and.....it has been a busy week, a lot of traveling.
Last weekend I was in Stockholm and visited "The Sewing Festival", a wonderful fair. A lot of quilting, that was the best.....and a lot of fabric followed me home.


I had my waistcoat finished in time! More pictures will come.
Can you see the wallhanger with the Swedish flag on it? It´s made by me - my own design. 
There will be pictures of that one too.

Here I am together with Annika from "Fat Quarter" - the Swedish quilt magazine. You can find my pattern in the last issue.

I will be back tomorrow, have a lot to show and tell.....

Happy stitching and take care,


30 oktober 2010

My waistcoat

Here are pictures of what I´ve made so far. A waistcoat with my logo on the back. There is a little more stitching to do and then I will layer it and quilt. I´m busy because it has to be finished before next Saturday.

Take care and happy stitching,


27 oktober 2010

Soon it is Christmas.....

.....but where has October gone? I know I have been busy working but when my daugther told me yesterday that there was no post on my blog since the beginning of the month......can´t believe it....

Well, here I am and here are my Christmas patterns. You can find them in my shop.

My Christmas Angel

Crazy Christmas

My Heart Belongs To Christmas

I promise to be back tomorrow with pictures from my new project. It´s something for myself this time.

Take care and happy stitching,


09 oktober 2010

New patterns!

 Two new patterns in the shop, "Windy Welcome" and "Pumpkin Pleasure".

The winners from my competition are presented on my website.

Busy working on my Christmas patterns, soon in the shop for you!

Take care and happy stitching,

03 oktober 2010

A lot of stitches....

 .....and my Christmas Angel is finished.

Cutting time!

Today I´m out of red embroidery thread, can´t stitch until tomorrow.....poor me!

Take care and happy stitching,


01 oktober 2010

Pumpkin Pleasure

 That´s the name of the autumn table runner. It´s finished and I´m satisfied. I love these autumn colours, think they are "mine".

Autumn came fast this year, it always do, and soon it is Christmas. How many days left? No, I don´t like to know.

I´m busy working on this years Christmas projects: My Christmas Angel, an ornament wallhanger and a "Christmas card pocket". Still stitching and stitching and stitching.....soon a lot of cutting.

Take care and happy stitching,


27 september 2010

Have not forgotten, here are the winners!

Love it here in Blogland, a much nicer place than real life last week. But I´m back, haven´t disappeared for ever!

I would love to introduce the winners of my Give Away:

Handmade by Mai
Robin C

I just need your mailing address and your pattern will be on its way.

There was another competition on my website. Soon I´ve decided who the winners are and you can read about it there. 

I will be back soon with some stitching pics.

Happy stitching and take care,


21 september 2010

Then sun still exists!

Didn´t believe that last week, but today it´s a warm sunny beautiful autumn day. Lovely!
Yesterday my autumn runner got quilted, only the binding left. Maybe today?
A lot of stitches! Started with blanket stitch around all edges and then I stitched with brown thread, two times.
What´s this stitch called in English? In Sweden we call it "kråkspark" (crow kick).
These block are for a project I´m designing for the Swedish quilt magazine Fat Quarter.What it´s gonna be is a secret....
Don´t forget to visit my website,  

Take care and happy stitching,


18 september 2010

Autumn is here!

Rain, rain, rain......and wind!
Yesterday you sometimes needed a boat instead of a car, or a submarine.....
No colours yet, only withered birch leaves.

But here in my studio there are already lots of beautiful autumn colours

Beautiful fabrics waiting to be cut.

This patches were pieced into two sunflower block.
Then I added some squares......

......added pumpkins and leaves and out came an autumn table runner.
Time to quilt!

Dont forget to visit my website:


Have you participated in the competition yet?

And don´t forget about the Give away here on the blog. Still a couple of days left.....

Take care and happy stitching,


16 september 2010

Ett litet meddelande till mina svenska vänner!

Just want to tell my Swedish friends that I have started another blog in Swedish.......

Om ni inte har fått nog av mig innan så har jag dragit igång ytterligare en blogg, även den kallad Syverkstan, för att inte vara för fantasifull.....
Massor av lappar och broderier och säkert en hel del svammel.......välkomna!


15 september 2010

At last!

My website is published on the web!!!!!! Believe it or not....

It has been finished for a couple of weeks now, but from my computer to the internet server, it was a long journey..... Everything that could go wrong did it, I´m sure. The last thing happened yesterday - power outage!

But today.........drum rolls.........

Today is the day! My website is finished and published on the web! WOW!

On this site you can find freebees, tutorials, pictures, my webshop and much more.
And of course competitions. To celebrate the release there will be two of them.
A give away here on the blog and on the website there is another one.

You can find three new patterns in the shop, Flower Runner, Tulip Fantasy Bag and Summer Love. Because of that there will be three prices in the give away.

Just leave a comment here on my blog and tell me which pattern you like to win.

If you write about my website release and this give away on your blog I will count you in three times, and if you put this little logo below on your blog I will count you in five times.

The drawing will be on September 22th.

You can still follow me day by day here on my blog and see the projects I´m working on. Many of them will be patterns for you on the website. Some of them will be freebees and the other are to be found in the shop.

I hope you will enjoy this as much as I do. Please give me feedback, here on the blog or in an e-mail, syverkstan.net@hotmail.com.

Take care and happy stitching,



28 augusti 2010

Bad day......

.....but a solution at last, I hope....

Hard work, my website is finished. Just had to log in and publish it on the server....that´s what I thought, but no. A message from the internet provider: not available anymore, please sign up for our webhotel , just pay a lot more money....... %&x!"x%&x=x"# (words that you don´t want to read).
When we signed up for that account that web server thing was included, not anymore but still the same price...not OK.

But when I calmed down a bit, we discussed the whole thing and I think we found a solution.
I have to wait a couple of days, until September 1th, but that´s OK if the internet provider gets no more money from me......

Take care and happy stitching,


27 augusti 2010

Finished is the word!

Stitchery finished! In fact, the whole project is almost finished, just have to add some buttons.
But that have to wait until tomorrow, then some photos and I´ll show you.....

And if everything goes my way there will be another finish tomorrow.....


.....maybe I should say maybe.....

But it´s close now....

Welcome back tomorrow anyway.

Happy stitching and take care,


22 augusti 2010


Here are the winners of my Give Away.....

.....chosen by the Random Number Generator:

Oh no, this is not the winners, sorry, even not flying geese. But I think they are cute.....just like my winners.

No, this is not the winners either. Just another picture I found in my computer....last years autumn leaves.....

Do you want to know who the winners are, don´t think I play a funny game with you?
OK, here they are:



Please let me know your mailing address and there will be a pattern sent to you.

Thank you everybody for participating!

Next weekend there will be more fun with more give aways and other competitons and......

if everything goes my way my website will be finished then.

Now I´m leaving for a quilt exhibition, that´s not bad either. I take my camera with me....

Take care and happy stitching,


20 augusti 2010

A new project




Just waiting for the stitchery to be finished.....

Happy stitching and take care,


17 augusti 2010

Give away!

CLOSED! The winners will be announced tomorrow, thank you for participating!

In a week or two it´s time for my web site, but why not having some fun while waiting?
I decided that a give away would be the right thing.
I still have a stack of patterns with "old clothes" left (I will change my logotype, the patterns will be the same).
Three of them will be given away and this is what I want you to do:

Click on the "By my patterns here" icon, take a look in my shop and choose which pattern you would like to win.

Write it down in a comment and tell me why you chose that one.
That´s important. Only comments with a motivation and a possibility for me to contact you if you are the winner are participating in the drawing.

If you post about my give away on your blog I will count you in twice.

The drawing will be next Saturday, 21/8.

Good luck!


Southernmost but no sun.....

About a month ago I visited the northernmost place in Sweden, and here I am standing on the southernmost place called Smygehuk. If I was a good swimmer I could take a trip to Germany...

I have been here a couple of times before, but since last time they had built this little "place". Looks nice!

Good to know where you are.

If you want to go somewhere else....

This place is called Ale`s stones, an old monument from the Viking age. Another place we visited on the south coast.
It´s situated high up. The south of Sweden is very flat, that´s true, mostly.
Here a pictures from Ystad, a small, very cute town. This is the cloister, a very old building.

Frame houses everywhere....

Another view point, Stenshuvud, a national park, not flat. The rest of this part of our country is flat, believe me. Mostly farming land and small villages.....

In this post you don´t find any stitches or fabric, but watch out for the next one, later today.
It will include a give away. There must be some fun while waiting for my web site. It´s only 1-2 weeks away now....

Happy stitching and take care,


13 augusti 2010

Last pictures....

.... from north. This weekend we are traveling south, pics will come....

A little bit of walking.

Lots of fresh water....

....a wonderful place for a break.

Water, again....

What a view!

This dress I´ve made for a friend of mine....

Real linen, beautiful!


Writing this I´m sitting in our mobile home looking at the sea. Tonight we are at the southernmost place in Sweden, Smygehuk. More about it tomorrow....

It´s time for a little bit of stitching and a glass of wine, lovely evening....

Happy stitching and take care,