28 augusti 2010

Bad day......

.....but a solution at last, I hope....

Hard work, my website is finished. Just had to log in and publish it on the server....that´s what I thought, but no. A message from the internet provider: not available anymore, please sign up for our webhotel , just pay a lot more money....... %&x!"x%&x=x"# (words that you don´t want to read).
When we signed up for that account that web server thing was included, not anymore but still the same price...not OK.

But when I calmed down a bit, we discussed the whole thing and I think we found a solution.
I have to wait a couple of days, until September 1th, but that´s OK if the internet provider gets no more money from me......

Take care and happy stitching,


27 augusti 2010

Finished is the word!

Stitchery finished! In fact, the whole project is almost finished, just have to add some buttons.
But that have to wait until tomorrow, then some photos and I´ll show you.....

And if everything goes my way there will be another finish tomorrow.....


.....maybe I should say maybe.....

But it´s close now....

Welcome back tomorrow anyway.

Happy stitching and take care,


22 augusti 2010


Here are the winners of my Give Away.....

.....chosen by the Random Number Generator:

Oh no, this is not the winners, sorry, even not flying geese. But I think they are cute.....just like my winners.

No, this is not the winners either. Just another picture I found in my computer....last years autumn leaves.....

Do you want to know who the winners are, don´t think I play a funny game with you?
OK, here they are:



Please let me know your mailing address and there will be a pattern sent to you.

Thank you everybody for participating!

Next weekend there will be more fun with more give aways and other competitons and......

if everything goes my way my website will be finished then.

Now I´m leaving for a quilt exhibition, that´s not bad either. I take my camera with me....

Take care and happy stitching,


20 augusti 2010

A new project




Just waiting for the stitchery to be finished.....

Happy stitching and take care,


17 augusti 2010

Give away!

CLOSED! The winners will be announced tomorrow, thank you for participating!

In a week or two it´s time for my web site, but why not having some fun while waiting?
I decided that a give away would be the right thing.
I still have a stack of patterns with "old clothes" left (I will change my logotype, the patterns will be the same).
Three of them will be given away and this is what I want you to do:

Click on the "By my patterns here" icon, take a look in my shop and choose which pattern you would like to win.

Write it down in a comment and tell me why you chose that one.
That´s important. Only comments with a motivation and a possibility for me to contact you if you are the winner are participating in the drawing.

If you post about my give away on your blog I will count you in twice.

The drawing will be next Saturday, 21/8.

Good luck!


Southernmost but no sun.....

About a month ago I visited the northernmost place in Sweden, and here I am standing on the southernmost place called Smygehuk. If I was a good swimmer I could take a trip to Germany...

I have been here a couple of times before, but since last time they had built this little "place". Looks nice!

Good to know where you are.

If you want to go somewhere else....

This place is called Ale`s stones, an old monument from the Viking age. Another place we visited on the south coast.
It´s situated high up. The south of Sweden is very flat, that´s true, mostly.
Here a pictures from Ystad, a small, very cute town. This is the cloister, a very old building.

Frame houses everywhere....

Another view point, Stenshuvud, a national park, not flat. The rest of this part of our country is flat, believe me. Mostly farming land and small villages.....

In this post you don´t find any stitches or fabric, but watch out for the next one, later today.
It will include a give away. There must be some fun while waiting for my web site. It´s only 1-2 weeks away now....

Happy stitching and take care,


13 augusti 2010

Last pictures....

.... from north. This weekend we are traveling south, pics will come....

A little bit of walking.

Lots of fresh water....

....a wonderful place for a break.

Water, again....

What a view!

This dress I´ve made for a friend of mine....

Real linen, beautiful!


Writing this I´m sitting in our mobile home looking at the sea. Tonight we are at the southernmost place in Sweden, Smygehuk. More about it tomorrow....

It´s time for a little bit of stitching and a glass of wine, lovely evening....

Happy stitching and take care,


10 augusti 2010

Kiruna and more

After a couple of days filled with mountains and lakes and mosquitos we reached the civilization again. It is the northernmost city in Sweden, Kiruna.
Maybe it´s mostly known for the mine but also for its church. A very special building. Inside nearly everything was made of dark wood. Very special....but "cool".

In that town I also found a very special quilt store, don´t remember the name, sorry. But there where lots of beautiful fabric - my style. Couldn´t resist this reindeer fabric - what a souvenir.

After that visit it was time for the wilderness again. This is a picture of Kebenekaise, the highest mountain in Sweden. A beautiful view.

Just beside that lake was this hamburger bar called Lap Dånalds. A hamburger made of reindeer meet and a cold beer together with that veiw, that is what I call quality of life.

More beauty! Lots of clean water, fantastic to drink.

Even more water!

And mountains! Driving up high,,,,,

......up to the highest situated road in Sweden, passing Stekenjokk. This high location was our home for one night.

Guess who´s sitting here, stitching.....wrong, it´s not my hubby!

Tomorrow I will show you the last pictures from our trip, then we went home again.

But on Friday it´s time for another trip, going south. Of course we have to visit the southernmost place too this summer, within a month.

Happy stitching and take care,


05 augusti 2010

Follow that reindeer!

Towards another neighbour country, Norway.

Reindeer on the road! Look at that white one....cute!

Just "around the corner" we found Norway and started to drive towards the coast. Now we had come north of Sweden, far away from home.

I love Norway, it´s so beautiful when the high mountains meet the sea.

Why did it have to rain when we came to Tromsö? But I loved that town anyway. Cute wooden houses, small streets and hills.

Look at the view, quite cloudy, but if you take a closer look you can see high mountains in the background.

More than 5000 km on the road, did I just sit there? No, of course not. A lot of stitches were made. I started this hexagon quilt last summer, but this year it has grown even bigger....

How fun is it? This is my road trip project. More hexies next weekend.....

Happy stitching and take care,


04 augusti 2010

Visiting "Treriksröset"

That´s the place where three countries meet, Sweden, Finland and Norway.
We chose to go there from the Finnish village Kilpisjärvi.

You can walk all the way if you want to, but we decided that a boat trip to start with was the best choice.

When you leave the boat you are in Sweden.

Walking. It´s not a river, it had been a rainy day.....perfect for the mosquitos, big as elephants....

Beautiful views....

It´s not easy to get there.....

....it´s in the middle of a lake.

Here I am. I believe I´m in Sweden, but I´m not sure. Maybe it´s Norway....or Finland.
If you walk around that stone you have been in three countries. That´s why I´ve been in Finland a lot of times now.
This is not only a border of three countries, it´s also the northernmost place in Sweden.

Tomorrow I will take you to Norway....


Here are the stitching pictures for today:

This one was finished earlier this summer.

You can find the pattern in Fat Quarter, the Swedish quilt magazine.

Happy stitching and take care,