30 juli 2009

What´s going on?

This is my project for today, or a part of it. There are a lot of blocks waiting for me.When I´m finished I hope there will be a table cloth and two pillows, a gift for......secret! But I have to finish this project today, always busy.....that´s me!

Before I start I want to show you some other pictures.....

These beauties were waiting for me when I came back from our vacation......

.......20 blocks from all over the world! It´s part one of a swap that I´m participating in. Now I have to make 20 blocks before Tuesday, most of them are already cut, so that´s OK. You can read more about Four Seasons Summer Block Swap here.

This one is a very special one, the first hexie I made for my big hexagon quilt. I promise you that it´s not a weekend project, but a lot of fun. I´m addicted. There´s a post about it on The Great Hexagon Quilt - Along.

More hexies! These are for a competition on The Great Hexagon Quilt - Along blog - Pot Luck!

Stitching time!


26 juli 2009

I´m back home again!

Yes, I´m back again after a wonderful vacation, a road trip to the north of Sweden. Mountains, rivers, lakes, reindeers....and mosquitos......more than one.....
But more about that trip later in another post.

First I have to tell you what was waiting for me when I came home.....my Christmas in July swap package. My swap partner was Jackie and she had made the most wonderful things for me. Look!

A wonderful table runner! Here it is already on my kitchen table! It will be its place next Christmas. I really love this kind of Christmas fabrics, a little bit unusual colours and patterns.

I also found this fantastic bag, the bottom is shaped as an iron and it´s isolated, perfect for me and my iron....

And look at this, a cute Christmas charm pack and a wonderful pattern, had to stop myself from starting that project immediately. And chocolates, they look sooooo yummy, but I will save them for a special moment....if I can.....
I also got a package of quilting pins, forgot to take a photo, have already used them...

Thank you very, very much Jackie!!!

I´ll be back very soon, I have a lot to show and tell....

Take care,


15 juli 2009


Just a short one to tell you that I´m leaving for vacation today, back next Thursday.
My hubby is waiting for me so I think I have to turn of my computer and leave......

See you!


07 juli 2009

Now is the time....

to introduce the winner of my little give away last week. Haven´t forgot! Thank you for all your nice comments. I wish I could send give aways to all of you....
The random number generator picked Nancy for me:

"Well, number one never wins, but here goes.

Your first blog title was -

Nu är det dags!

I have no idea what that means! Maybe you will translate for us?

Happy Birthday....many more to come.."

Nancy, if I can have your mailing address I will send your parcel, still secret, this week. (Just a few stitches left....)

And of course I will translate, "Nu är det dags" means "Now is the time".
It was time to start blogging because we were busy working with my new studio and I had lots of pictures to show and lots of ideas for the future.....and a lot of projects going on.

Before that I worked as a seamstress for about 10 years, but I quit because it was boring to work with other peoples clothes and things and never use my own creativity.

When I look back after a year I´m sure I did the right thing! The last year has been a lot of fun for me. I still have lots of ideas for my studio and I´m sure the next year will be even better. Lucky me - a wonderful studio and lots of time to spend there!

This is how it looked about a year ago....

.......and later that summer.....


And this is how it looks today.....

(Ooops! I think I have to clean up that mess as soon as my "cute little foot" is alright again!)

"Nu är det dags" to go on stitching, lots of things are waiting for me.....

Take care,


01 juli 2009

Look what I finished yesterday!

Yes, I finished them yesterday, late evening, but still June....so they have been added to the OPAM-list. I finished a pin cushion too, a few days ago, but I can´t show that yet, a secret gift.....

We painted our out door furniture a couple of years ago, and since then I have planned to sew cushions to make it look more cosy....I purchased the fabric early this year.... and yesterday was the day.....I think I´m satisfied with the result.

From the left over fabric I cut 4" squares, enough for a small quilt or a table cloth....just a fast and simple one......maybe tomorrow......or another day....or year :)

Take care,