03 december 2011

Vacation time!

In less than two hours it´s time to leave for Gothenburg and Landvetter airport. The final destination is Coraya Bay in Egypt. It will be wonderful and very exciting.....

If you want to order patterns from my webshop I will send them to you on the 12th of December when I´m back again.

I have hoped that the instructions for the Crazy Cats quilt should be finished before leaving, but I didn´t have enough time. My own quilt isn´t finished either, there has been too much for me this week.

If you want to start assembling your cats, I can tell you that the squares around the blocks are 2" x "2.
That means that you have to cut the patches 2½" x 2½". I have 35 blue squares, 32 green, 34 pink and 43 offwite in my quilt.

No posts without pictures, here are some from a nearly finished project.....

Just the hanging left, I have special plans for that....

Have a nice week! (I will.....)

21 november 2011

The top

The 12 Crazy Cats has finally come together.

Have to find out how to quilt..... The binding will be dark brown.

16 november 2011

At least.....




Something went wrong with the pictures I tried to publish in the gallery on my website. I´m working to solve the problem and hope I can fix it soon. I hate when those red X appears instead of the picture, sooo frustrating!

14 november 2011

The picnic-quilt

Those pictures are from Fat Quarter 2/2011. It was a wonderful spring day when I took the pictures.
I remember it was a little bit hard to find green grass. This is just outside Båstad, the "tennis-village" f you know.....

11 november 2011

More pictures

Here comes pictures of my princess pillows from Fat Quarter 3/2011.
Those are pink, but there are stitchery patterns for little princes too....

More pictures tomorrow.....

10 november 2011

Sankta Lucia

Now the time has come to show you what I made for Fat Quarter, the Swedish quilt magazine, as I promised.

Tomorrow I will give you more pictures from projects I´ve made for the magazine and not has
published here on my blog yet.

09 november 2011


Three new cats are finished at Syverkstan today.

I´ve already started to assemble the quilt.....

....here are my patches.

06 november 2011

Fair in Stockholm

Yesterday I spent a lot of hours at Syfestivalen  ("the festival of sewing"), a big fair in Stockholm.
A lot of nice meetings: wonderful people, of course, and wonderful fabrics.....

These are for one of my new fabric, just have to search for some more blue....

These are for the project that includes the little creature that I showed you in my last post. Just need some turquoise.

Some beige for the Crazy Cats and blue for the binding of the old photo quilt.

Now its time for our last breakfast at the hotel this weekend. Then some shopping before we leave Stockholm for our trip home. About 5 ½ hour in the car. A little bit boring end of a wonderful weekend.....

01 november 2011

We are all very satisfied!

It was defenitely the right decision to change the border. Now I have to hurry up with the quilting, have to be finished before Friday....

And when I´m quilting I will give you a little sneak peek of my new character who will appear hear by me soon.


31 oktober 2011

I changed my mind

This is what happened today when I came to see the quilt. The children told me that they wanted more colours around them instead of that boring border that I had chosen.
I followed their advice and ripped the old one of and cut new patches. I think they were right, I will be more satisfied with it now. Maybe the have made the border for me when I´m back tomorrow.....

Crazy Cat #12 has got his blanket stitches too.

Only three faces left to stitch.....

30 oktober 2011

A top day!

The top is finished. Tomorrow I will start to quilt. All machine quilting will be done before Friday. Then it will follow me to Stockholm. I think the hand quilting of the stones on the ground will be perfect for a lot of hours in the car.....

The next question is which colour I will choose for the binding.

My first idea was dark blue, like one of the dresses.

Or is it better to choose one of the bright colours instead?

Or the dark blue.....have to think about it.....

There has also been some cat sewing, two of the kitties has get their blanket stitches.

# 10

# 11

Soon they are finished, only some stitchery left.....

27 oktober 2011

Puzzle time

Today I started with three piles of tiles, paws and a lot of other parts....

....some of them blue and beige....

....some pink and brown....

(Don´t ask me why this picture has turned over, the original is not that way, it must be Blogger that is trying to make me crazy...)

....and some green and brown.

After some time using my iron three new kittens were born. But they are a little bit shy... 

The first one hides here....

....the second....

....and the third.

Or more correct, Crazy Cat 10, 11 and 12.

Soon they are all finished. Next weekend when I´m visiting Stockholm and Syfestivalen ("the Sewing Festival") I will purchase the last fat quarters that I need to finished the quilt. Then I don´t think I can stop myself......