03 december 2011

Vacation time!

In less than two hours it´s time to leave for Gothenburg and Landvetter airport. The final destination is Coraya Bay in Egypt. It will be wonderful and very exciting.....

If you want to order patterns from my webshop I will send them to you on the 12th of December when I´m back again.

I have hoped that the instructions for the Crazy Cats quilt should be finished before leaving, but I didn´t have enough time. My own quilt isn´t finished either, there has been too much for me this week.

If you want to start assembling your cats, I can tell you that the squares around the blocks are 2" x "2.
That means that you have to cut the patches 2½" x 2½". I have 35 blue squares, 32 green, 34 pink and 43 offwite in my quilt.

No posts without pictures, here are some from a nearly finished project.....

Just the hanging left, I have special plans for that....

Have a nice week! (I will.....)