30 oktober 2012

Check this

Not much left to do on my winter angel. Time to show you her "surroundings".....
At the moment I´m working on the hanging and the names of our winter months.
If everything goes my way there will be a pattern in less than a week.

28 oktober 2012

This time I remembered what I promised, here are sneak peeks of my next Fat Quarter project for you.
If you don´t know, Fat Quarter is the Swedish quilt magazine.

Now I´m going out in the cold weather and down to Syverkstan to work on my winter angel. It´s not much work left on that project, soon there will be a pattern.....

25 oktober 2012

Sorry, I forgot.....

I promised to show you my finished Fat Quarter-project when the magazine was published.
Today, when I sent my next project, I remembered.......

Next time I will show you a sneak peek of that one!

24 oktober 2012

New fabrics

Back home from Stockholm. I had a wonderful weekend. A lot of shopping, delicious food and Syfestivalen, the fair, of course....

I found the fabrics for my next angel, wonderful spring colours....
I don´t know what this one will be, but it wanted to go home with me...
A lovely charm pack! From this I will make a table runner for our coffee-table.

19 oktober 2012

A house for the bird

Now I have arrived to Stockholm and there has been time for some shopping! I love this town!
Tomorrow it´s time to go to the fair, exciting!

 Here is today´s sneak peek, a house for the bird and a snowflake.

18 oktober 2012

A little cat

Here is the sneak peek for today from my winter angel and her garden. Tomorrow I will show you what´s over the cat.

Today I´ve started cutting the patches for the blocks which I will use in this quilt. A lot of strips and a lot of different measurements and colours. Now I have to wait until Monday before I can go on working on the blocks.
Very early tomorrow morning I´m going to Stockholm and "Syfestivalen", a big creative fair.
More about that later.....

17 oktober 2012

Stitching, stitching, stitching......


It´s stitching time at Syverkstan. A new group of angels are planned. There will be four of them, one for each season. This is a sneak peek from the garden of one of the angels. Guess who?
Tomorrow I will show you a little creature who sits in the left corner. I´m stitching on that part now....

While waiting for that I will remind you of another member of my angel family....My Christmas Angel.

Soon it is Christmas......
You will find the pattern in my shop.

05 oktober 2012

New patterns!

Finally the three new patterns from my bag series "Smultron" is translated into English and available in the shop.
The word "smultron" means "wild strawberry", which is a simile for "a lovely spot" or "a place that are special".
Fårö, Laxvik and Grimsholmen are beautiful places in Sweden, situated by the sea.
Grimsholmen is the place where I spent all my summers when I was a child.
The colours of the sea and the rocks inspired me when I chose colours for the bags.

Crazy Dog 9 is also finished and available for downloading.

Big ears - short legs.....