30 mars 2012

Next project

Time to start piecing my next Fat Quarter-magazine project. Now I have to keep it secret....but maybe there will be a sneak peek later......

27 mars 2012

Lots of dots!

Finally Crazy Dog 3 is available on my website.

Today I´ve started to translate my latest patterns, Little Me. It will take a couple of days and then they will be in my webshop.

This is what they look like.........

Today I have seen the first butterfly this year....spring is here, I´m sure!

21 mars 2012

I´m still alive....

I haven´t disappeared, just a little bit too much stitching, if that´s possible.....It wasn´t easy to find all the fabrics for my latest projects, but when I did I´ve spent all my time together with my sewing machine.
Finally they are finished!

The first one in this series is the little baby quilt which you can find in the Fat Quarter-magazine.
The other parts are a bigger quilt, a diaper bag and some toys. Three new patterns, soon available in my shop.

Here´s another one that I hope will appear soon. It´s Crazy Dog 3. He is finished but I´ve had some problems with my website, that´s why you can´t find him there yet.
I´m searching for another technical solution and I hope it will be easier for me to publish then.....

04 mars 2012

Next project

A few days ago I visited a village called Förslöv and Butiken Annalunda.
In this wonderful quilt shop I found the fabrics for my next Fat Quarter-magazine project.
Time to start cutting....

Who can this be? It think I heard someone barking.....