23 april 2009

What´s happening in Syverkstan?

Last weekend I visited Skroten and Tyger & Ting and a lot of fabric and other things followed me home....
Batting, thread, glue, A NEW CUTTING BLADE.....
I´m in heaven!

Special colours for special projects....

Borders and backing fabric for an old charm pack project.....

A beautiful butterfly fabric, just had to have it.....

For my Dragonfly quilt. Now I think I´ve purchased enough fabric so I can start that quilt. And yes, it´s on my to do list, so it´s ok....

Now I have to make a confession. I´ve started a project that isn´t on the list. But when it´s about love and war, everything is ok, so they say. And this projects is about love and about a kind of war too. I can´t tell you more at the moment, but I can give you a sneak peek from my stitchery of this week. I´m stitching until the needle is glowing....

When it´s finished I´m gonna make it to a very special pattern!

Another sneak peek of a pattern on its way. If you have followed my blog for a while you maybe remember this quilt.....

Today I´m going to quilt it and I purchased this fabric for the binding. Keep your eyes open for that pattern, it´s not so far away.....soon in my shop!

Now it´s time to move from my lap top to my sewing machine, but I will move back here soon.....

Happy Stitching,


20 april 2009

Hot stuff!

Thank you very much, Leah!

Look what I´ve got all the way from Australia.
A wonderful, hot "fire" quilt that will be perfect for my home office/crafting room. I love autumn and the colours of this quilt are mine. Really love it, thank you very, very much!

This weekend I´ve purchased a lot of stuff that I needed to be able to finish a lot of projects.
Fabric, batting, thread and a new cutting blade. That blade was the best, the old one made me crazy....what a feeling when things work your way....

I´ll be back with photos and sneak peeks of the projects, because when I´ve finished them there will be more patterns in my little shop.....

Take care,


14 april 2009

What a surprise!

I´m back! Last week was a lazy one for me, needed to take it easy....
I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. I had. No eggs left....

These eggs were wrapped in onion skin before they got boiled.

Now for the surprise!

Today I got my parcel from the Spring Swap in my mail box, and guess who was my swap partner??!!

Yes, Linda, our swap mum herself.
And look what she sent me. I feel so spoilt.

A big bag, perfect for all my stuff....and I really love the colours....

This one was also perfect for me. I love cats, and this one is a real cutie. Together with all flowers it´s a really happy quilt!

This one makes me longing for summer and beach life, not so far away now..... This Easter the weather has been more like summer than spring here by me.....

A very big
Thank You


Today I´ve worked on the dresses but tomorrow I hope there will be some more quilty things to show you. See you then!


06 april 2009

5 winners and a Thank you.....

Tonight is the night to reveal the 5 winners from my pattern give away. My daughter helped me with the drawing, and she has picked 5 names but I will keep you curious for a while.....

Because I feel like a winner too, or very, very spoilt. Look what I found in my mailbox, my Easter Swap parcel:

A lovely pillow case, that green colour is perfect for our bed room, a beautiful piece of fabric and a wonderful magazine. I love Australian quilt magazines. There was also a cute Easter card and what I read there was a wonderful surprise. I already - sort of - knew my swap partner, Kerry, she was the winner of one of my opening give aways last summer.

Look at that a cute label!

A big Thank You to Kerry!
I really love what you sent me!


Now it´s time for the winners!

Congratulations to:

My season Bag: Sandi

My Gardening Angel: Nancy in Norway

My Kitchen Angel: Béa

My Sewing Angel: Mistea

Dancing Flowers: Kate

If you are a winner please e-mail me your name and address and the pattern will be yours....

And to all of you who didn´t win this time, a big thank you for all nice comments. Don´t forget to visit my shop....

At last I want to show a picture from last week end. It´s from 3th April and it´s about 20 C!!! The grass is still brown and no leaves.... We celebrated with dinner outside and a glass of wine. Unbelievable!!!

Take care,


02 april 2009

Thank you!

(Painted by my mother)

I will start this post with a big

Thank You

for all your orders.

I have already sent a lot of patterns all over the world. Couldn´t have dreamt of it, it´s so fun and exciting.

But there have been some questions that I will try to answer.

Yes, my web shop is open. Just click on the side bar or here.

My web site is, however, still under construction. I´m working hard on it and I hope I will finish it soon. But you can already buy my patterns.

This week I will enclose a free stitchery pattern to all orders.

No shipping costs will be added to the prices.


Here by me in the south of Sweden we have the most beautiful spring weather, sunny and warm. Can´t believe it after a long boring winter......
And there are spring feelings in my studio too. I´m working on my Spring swap project, but it´s a secret one and I can only give you a sneak peek.....

I cut out these....

....pieced green and white squares together....

....and together it looks like this by now. Next step is adding a border and then quilting.....

Don´t forget my give away in the previous post.

Happy stitching,