27 mars 2013



22 mars 2013


So, details finished....


....and tags!

Time to finish the project, then there will be more pictures....

20 mars 2013


Lots of strips, stitching, stitching....and here they are!

Busy working on some more details.....

12 mars 2013



Time to cut strips in mixed colours and make a frame and.....secret!

07 mars 2013

One more

Now they are two and the third sister is on her way. I´ve got a wonderful idea how to assemble this little mini quilt. Hope it will work......

06 mars 2013

The first one

Yesterday the first triple sister was finished.  This is the first angel that I drew, quite a long time ago. I found it when I searched for another thing and got inspired. I dyed the fabric with tea and the iron and the result was really satisfying.
The two other sisters will have a little bit different clothes and hair. I really like to play with my thread scraps.
Next one will have red hair and a lot of green on her clothes. Can´t wait.....

04 mars 2013

Back home!

Now I´m back home again after a wonderful week on Gran Canaria. Lots of sunshine, delicious food and drinks and an exciting road trip up in the mountains. A perfect week.
But now stitching at all, and nothing new to show.
Because of that, here are some pictures of my summer pillow. The pattern is included in the last Fat Quarter-magazine. I forgot to show them before we left.