31 januari 2012

One more finished!

Finally this little quilt is finished.

I found buttons small enough for the clothes....but my fingers were too big. It took a lot of bumbling
to stitch them in place.

These buttons were much easier.....

Only the pattern making left!

26 januari 2012

Thank you!

The world is full of wonderful friends.....because of you I´m more motivated than ever to go on with my blog....
I promise to not bother about my english any more but I also promise to read through my posts before I publish....some errors are only inadvertence.

The blue star is finished, ready to move into its new home. It´s a small one, 16" x 16".

Actually I don´t have any problems with this dark season, I´m ready to accept it completely if anybody can fix a photo studio for me.
Nobody.... Okey, then you have to stand the bad quality of my photos.....

This litte bag did I make for my daugther Josefin as a Christmas present. It was filled up with useful things. (Sysaker = sewing things if you translate it directly.)
She has moved into her own appartment a while ago and can not use my sewing equipment (and knowledge) any more. Not so easy anyway....
Now she has to manage it herself....
I used the same pattern as for Butterfly Bags, which you can find in my webshop.

23 januari 2012

I need some help

A while ago I got an e-mail that made me sad and at the same time angry.
It was a woman who told me that my English with a lot of grammatic errors would keep English-speaking people away from my website.
I´m sure I make mistakes now and then because English isn´t my mother tounge and it´s more than 30 years since I left school.
But I do my best and as long as people understand me I don´t think it´s a catastrophe....

However, I would like to ask for help. Take a look at my website and tell me what to correct, grammatic errors, spelling, if I have chosen the wrong word.....
Don´t feel impolite, it will not make me sad. I want to learn and do it right. I will really appreciate if  you will help me. And there will be a reward....


This star is a small project I´ve worked on today:

It will end up as a small table cloth for a friend of mine. The binding I´ve chosen is dark blue.
She asked for something blue, hope she will be satisfied.

17 januari 2012

Hi, I´m here now!

Ýou have to choose the sashing fabric before you can make the next dog, it´s a special one. This block will be available in the middle of February.

15 januari 2012


The first dog is finished. Only some PDF and HTML left to do, then he will appear on the website.
That will happen in the beginning of the week, I hope....

If you think my dogs look like any familiar breed of dog that´s just an opportunity. They will all be my fantasy dogs, crazy dogs, but of course my inspiration comes from the real ones..... It´s so fun!

02 januari 2012

Happy New Year!

I hope you all have had......

...A Happy Sew Year.

 Now I will wish you  a
Happy New Year!

(even this one with a lot of sewing time...)

My way to celebrate 2012 is to introduce my new BOM!

Every month a dog block will appear on my website as a PDF-file, free for downloading.
The first one will be there in the middle of January, together with a drawing of what I think the finished quilt will look like..

Feel free to use the logo on your blog....

The last instructions for Crazy Cats will soon be published....working hard!