30 september 2008

It started with squares and ended with curls!

Yesterday morning I went on with my bag.

All pieces are cut and it´s time to sew them together.
Then I ironed the mugs in place.....

....and added the red border. Next step is to stitch them in place with black thread.
And take a look here, it´s finished, my first more advanced quilt.

This one is the one I started with quite a long time ago, when I decided to learn more about patchwork and quilting. It´s my first one with stars and triangels, I had only worked with squares before.

It´s on this one I made a lot of mistakes and because of that learned a lot. It´s not a perfect one and I don´t let you take a closer look, but I´m a little bit proud anyway.

And when I finished the binding yesterday and made it to a wallhanger I felt like a good girl. A very old UFO is finished :)))

Then my day became a little bit more curly as I had to help my friend, the hairdresser.

On next Sunday there is a wedding and party fair in an old castle called Wapnö. Anette, the hairdresser, and my daugther Josefin will participate together. Anette with hairstyles and Josefin with her own handmade jewelry. Because of that we dressed Josefin´s hair yesterday evening as a test for Anette. I made the curls, about two hours with a hair-waver, and I felt a little bit curly myself :)

The result. I think she looks beautiful, but I´m her mother.....
(Sorry Josefin, don´t missunderstand me...)

Perhaps the curls aren´t perfect, but she has a beautiful hair....

.....and makes beautiful jewelry!

Now I think it´s time for the square part of my life again..... (but early on Sunday morning, more curls.....)

Happy stitching,


27 september 2008

Projects in progress....

Yesterday I pinned this old UFO on my designboard.
All blocks are pieced and two rows are already sewed together. I think it´s time to finish the top, not much work left. I will add a light blue border and the binding will be brown. The outcome will be a quilt for a lttle baby boy.
Then I worked on this one:

All black and white pieces of my coffee mug quilt have come together......

....and all 16 mugs, handles and one red heart are cut out.

The third one for yesterday was my autumn bag. I´ve cut some of the pieces....

....and started to arrange them.

This is the result so far...

Tonight My Garden Angel will be finished, I hope. Maybe there will be time for My Kitchen Angel too. I need something to keep me awake, because very late tonight or maybe very early next morning I will pick up my hubby when he comes back from Greece.

Autumn greetings from a sunny Sweden, it´s beautiful weather today,


24 september 2008

Fabrics for my autumn bag and tonights work

It´s time for me to start with my autumn version of my bag swap bag and make a pattern of it.

I already had these fabrics in my stash to start with.

And on my little fabric hunt last Monday I found these.
Here are the threads for the stitchery and the quilting.
I´m not sure I will use all sorts of fabric I have, maybe I only choose a few of them. But all of them are now prewashed and ready to use. Tomorrow I will start cutting....
But this evening (night?) there´s another work waiting for me, this:
I added the green border today and cut out the pink fabric for binding. Now she wants to be quilted, by hand, by me, now...
See you again soon,

22 september 2008

Surprises, angels and some other things....

I got a surprise a few days ago, a blog award! It was Carol who gave it to me, I´m so honored.
I don´t know who I will give it to, there are too many to choose from.... I will think that over.

Another surprise. Today I got a little parcel in my mailbox, and look what I found in it:

They were sent to me from Sarah, thank you very much, they are so cute. I will use them hanging up something special!

The stitchery is finished. I will add some buttons on it when quilted; flowers in the basket for example.... Tomorrow I will put on a green border and then start quilting...
And then the other two angels are waiting to be stitched.... Yes, there are two more now, My Sewing Angel and My Kitchen Angel. Just waiting for My Christmas Angel to appear.... She´s on her way....

This afternoon I´ve been on a "fabric hunt" trip together with my daugther. We went to a place called "Skroten" in Kinna. They sell all sorts of fabrics, quite cheap, and they have a lot of American quilting fabrics. I will post pictures of my findings later, because this week my camera is in Greece together with my hubby! (Lucky them!) I have to trust on Josefin and her camera and wait for her taking my photos. Be patient!
We bought a piece of fleece, pink with white dots, for this little girl. Yesterday we found a little cute basket perfect for her to sleep in. Together they will be a perfect gift. I hope Alice (it´s the kitten´s name) can´t read :)
At last a picture of my findings, aren´t they beautyful, I really love this colours, they are "mine". Even if I love spring and summer, autumn is my favorite season. The colours, the fresh air, sunny days, windy and rainy days sitting inside with candles...

Take care all my friends out there....

18 september 2008

Pictures of the bag

I started with an idea of a colourful bag, inspired by the Swedish summerflowers.
From the beginning I wasn´t sure what would come out in the end, it was such a design-as-you-go project.
Here are the fabrics I chose....

....and the threads.

I built it up piece by piece...

...and got this. Added some yellow petals - buttercups.

I designed flower stitcheries, one of them became a pocket on the front side.
Then I put it together with batting and binding. At last I did some machine quilting and added that big flower.

I also made this little make up bag.
Then I wrapped it, put it in an envelope and send it to Betsy. And yesterday it arrived in her mailbox and I can relax..... Now I´m gonna make a pattern of the bag and perhaps made one for myself. Autumn colours this time...
Take care,

A very helpful angel!

I´ve stitched and stitched and stitched.....and my little gardening angel is not so pale anymore.

And she has already done a lot of work in our garden. I took a little walk around the house yesterday, and look, it´s still beautyful quite late in September....

Thank you very much, well done!
Another little angel was born yesterday!
Here are her colours, red, blue and a little of green.
And this is for her dress.
Can you guess where she works?

Today I got a mail from Betsy. My bag has arrived! Then I can calm down again, it has managed its long journey over the Atlantic Ocean. You can go over to her blog for pictures. I will show mine next time!
See you,

15 september 2008

A new stitchery pattern....

...is on its way.

But at first two pictures from my weekend.

This is what my Saturday was all about, at least it´s my feeling:

Jonatan, my son, and my hubby were on a fishing trip and then they left the rest for me. But yes, I love fish...for dinner....

This is Alice, my first "grandchild". She has moved in with Jonatan and Therese. 12 weeks old and so cute...
Here comes some sneak peaks from what has been my work for today; a new stitchery pattern. It´s the first of at least three angels I´m going to make.

And this is the colours I´ve choosen, green, of course, and pink.

Time to do some stitchery, my angel is waiting for me.....
Take care,