23 februari 2012

Little Me

Here is the quilt I made for the last issue of Fat Quarter magazine (1/2012).
I named it "Little Me" and it measures 32" x 26".
Now I´m working hard with the other parts in this serie.
If everything works my way, they will be finished and available as patterns in my shop in about a month.

Here are some more pictures:

20 februari 2012

Crazy Dog 2

It took a loooooong time for him to get finished, but now he is here!
www.syverkstan.net - click on freebees.

16 februari 2012


I thought I had made a toilet bag for Josefin, but now I´ve got an expert opinion and obviously I was wrong....
It seems to be approved anyway!

13 februari 2012

Birthday present

Last week I started to stitch a rose, then I made one more and then I made a toilet bag.
The toilet bag became a birthday present for Josefin, my daugther, 22 last Friday.

Now I´m going to make two more roses for a make up-bag, my own this time.
I´m going to use purple....one of my favorites.

06 februari 2012

Coming soon....

Here it is Crazy Dog 2 who is peeking.....in parts so far, but in the middle of the month he will be found on my website.

Today I´ve started to stitch a rose....why only one project at a time?

02 februari 2012

Sneak peek

Here are som sneak peeks from my pattern included in the next Fat Quarter-magazine (available in about 14 days).

That was all for today. Now I will go on drawing dogs....working on a loooong one!

01 februari 2012

Once upon a time.....

....there was a mother who needed a ....... (please help me, what´s the English word for this kind of bag?) for her new born son. That mother was me and the baby boy was Jonatan who is going to be 24 this year.
I decided to make one myself. My mother helped me, because she wanted to do some textile printing...

Here it is....unfortunately the handles are missing. This is one of my first quilted project.
Luckily I have developed my skills......

The ruler and the 90 degree angle were not invented.....but I think it looks wonderfully creative.

This is the inside. I used loop fabric with plastic on the back for the little man (and later his baby sister) to lie on and in the pockets I had diapers and other useful things.

Why do I tell you this story?
Because I found the bag so practical I´ve started to make a new version of it and I´m going to make a pattern. It will be a part of a baby series called "Little Me".
You will find the first part in the next issue of the Fat Quarter-magazine (available in the middle of February)

That pattern is still a secret, but tomorrow I will give you some sneak peeks....