30 juni 2011

It´s done....

....I have celebrated my 50th birthday. Early in the morning we left home going somewhere unknown for me.
First stop was a hotel where we had breakfast. Next stop was a town called Karlshamn. After a while we found the maternity hospital where I was born 29th of June 1961.

Me and mum

The rest of the day was spent in the archipelago outside Karlskrona. Lots of wonderful islands.
A fantastic restaurant was visited for lunch and before we went back home we had a luxury picnic.

I like the paper this gift is wrapped in.

This beautiful necklace is made for me by my mum and Josefin, my daughter.

Me and my sister, Johanna.

As you can see, she´s my little sister.
No comments.

The men in the family, Conny and Jonatan, served coffee.

Josefin was our photographer, that´s why she isn´t in any picture this time.

The pictures from the picnic is missing, I will be back and show you them tomorrow.

28 juni 2011

A stitching day

Back from Denmark. Yesterday I visited Bakken together with my mother and sister. Bakken is an amusement park near Copenhagen. It was our father´s 80th birthday and we celebrated his memory.
He loved trips to Denmark and Bakken.

Today I  have spent a lot of time together with my sewing machine. It´s quite a long time since last time.
I started the day with cutting clothes for "all my children".

Then I ironed them in place and started stitching around all edges using blanket stitches.
Now I just have to go on stitching, and I love to do it....
....but not tomorrow. Tomorrow is a special day, can´t believe it, it´s my 50th birthday.

26 juni 2011

Back home

Now I´m back home again and can use my ordinary broadband. I don´t like the mobile one, yesterday it was slower than slow. So slow that I couldn´t use it.
But now....here come a lot of pictures from our trip. I will start with stitchery pics to show you that I found some time to do stitch too.

My mother´s face has got colours

I love midsummer.



Öland is a windy island and the people use it....


....and yesterday.

More pictures:

Yes, it was a lot....

Tomorrow I´m going to Denmark.....

23 juni 2011

I´m on a roadtrip

These are my companions for this weekend, both of them are 20+ and still going strong.
It´s our first trip this year, destination Öland. It´s a beautiful island on the Swedish eastcoast.

The stop for this evening is here by the sea, the village is called Degerhamn. This is what I see looking through the window.

Food time!

There was a beautiful sunset!

Of course I have made "fabric things" today too. When my hubby was driving I finished the binding on my house. There will be better pictures when I´m back home.

And tomorrow I will start stitching.....

22 juni 2011

The last couple has moved in

One of the last persons who moved into my house was Freaky Fred....

.....together with his girlfriend.

I will add a button to the door, and maybe in the middle of the flowers too.

Just one thing left - the binding. Dark brown, the same fabric as the windows.

21 juni 2011

An old photo

This old, red photo album is a treasure. It´s my mother´s, filled with photos from when she was a child and a teenager.

It´s like "old time" scrapbooking inside.

This is the photo I wrote about yesterday. My mother is the tall girl on the right staying together with friends who lived in the same house.

A while ago my mother made this watercolour painting from the photo. It helps me with the colours of clothes and hair. So I searched in my stash for fabrics and look what I found.

Could it be better? The striped one could have been leftovers from that dress.

So I picked up my pencil and started to sketch. I have thought about making this for a long time now, but yesterday the inspiration was there. Here are some sneak peeks from my version.

It was fun to make them my way. I had to do some small changes to make it work with stitchery and applique, but I think that´s ok. It wasn´t meant to be a copy.

These are the fabrics I´m going to play with to make the stitchery into a wallhanger. Don´t know if I will use them all.