02 december 2013

Advent Calendar

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You will find my calendar on www.syverkstan.net.

07 november 2013


The autumn angel is soon finished, and so is the season....

She is a little bit late, because it has been an autumn full of events. Fun, of course, but they took a lot of time.

New fabrics and a new project. I really love the colours. The job name is ABC....

The last weekend I did something I haven´t done for a long time. I started to make myself a dress. 

Of course there will be some patchwork....

22 oktober 2013

I´m still alive....

....just working hard! Here are some pictures of what I have worked with.

First out are my next project for the Fat Quarter-magazine. 

The next one is my last season angel, "My Autumn Angel". She is a little bit late, but soon finished. 
Three patterns are already in my shop; winter, spring and summer.

A little make-over has also been done.

At the right you can see my latest quilts, "Happy Pirates" and "Once Upon A Time". The patterns are only available in Swedish by now, but I´m working on the translation. They will soon be in the shop.

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09 september 2013

What a wonderful weekend!

The Quilt-Rally is over for this time. What a weekend!!!
A lot of wonderful people have visited me, thank you everybody!

Here are the pictures of my rally angel that I promised.

There will be a pattern of the angel and the three projects in my shop soon. But before that I will have a couple of days off and just relax (and stitch).

01 september 2013

Handmade by my mother

These beauties are made by my mother. You will find them (and her) at Syverkstan during the Quilt-Rally.
Later they will be available in my webshop.
A closer look:

29 augusti 2013

Two more

I have worked on two more secret projects.....

Welcome to Syverkstan and the Quilt-Rally! Of course I will show my projects here after the event.

26 augusti 2013

Top Secret!

Finally finished!
I´m very satisfied with the hangning, a bit of glamour.

Only 10 days left, next Thursday it´s time for our Quilt-Rally, but until then....

20 augusti 2013


Stitch, press and cut, stitch, press and cut.... This is the result!

A pile of small cuties. Assembling is the next step.