19 augusti 2009

This is where you find me today!

This little red cabin is my own little retreat place for today. It´s just outside Hällefors, a village between Karlstad and Örebro, in the middle of Sweden.
My daugther comes back tonight. She is on intro days at her school today and tomorrow. Then she will study from home for about one year. It´s a design education, and guess if her mother is interested too. I have to read her books!

It´s beautiful here......

My working place for today. The weather is sunny and warm. Lucky me, I will have a wonderful day.
This one is my project for today. There are a lot of hearts and flowers that need to be stitched in place by hand. This is a real UFO, but now I think it´s time to finish it.

A closer look at one of the flowers.

I also have to show you my progress on my hexagon quilt. Here is the center star already finished.

Another small one is already born too.

Tomorrow afternoon we will go back home again, 6 hours on the road. That means at least 3 hours of hexagons for me.

Happy stitching and take care,


PS. I forgot to tell you! Yesterday we saw a real wolf crossing the road just a a few miles away from here! Exciting! (and a little bit scary....)

05 augusti 2009

My finish last week

A table cloth and two pillows.

A closer look.

Birds and cherries.

Do you remember this little girl? This is the project for today, and the rest of the week......I hope I can finish it on Friday. Then pattern writing......

Happy Stitching!