30 maj 2011

Pieces of a cat

It´s time to put them together and make a new cat. 
I´m sorry that the picture is a little bit pale, but in real life is is light green.

24 maj 2011

Grandma has moved in

The cat isn´t alone anymore. Grandma gives him his favorite food and he purrs like an engine. Everything is purrfect while they are waiting for the next neighbour to move in...

17 maj 2011

Welcome to number 7!

Do you remember my house?

 It´s spring, flowers have grown in the garden.

Knock, knock, is anybody home?

Yes, I am, I was the first one who moved in. Tomorrow I will get a neighbour.

01 maj 2011

Crazy Cat 5

Crazy Cat 5 is here, a little girl with curly whiskers.