27 april 2010

Here it is! My new pattern!

Do you remember this picture? This was my winter project, Butterfly Bags.

Yesterday I finished the pattern and now you can find it in my blog shop.

A closer look!

Hope you like it! It´s so fun making patterns again, keep your eyes open....

Take care and happy stitching,


This is why you haven´t heard from me for a while...


This winter it was winter, real winter I mean. Lots of snow, can´t remember we have had that much before....and for so long time....from December to March. Now it has melt away, almost, you can still find snow....

And you can find me. I disappeared under a pile of snow, a real big one and then it was impossible for me to post anything on my blog.....okay.....do you believe me?

A garden party? Don´t think so......

But now it´s spring, love it!
And I´m back, next time there will be a surprise, I did a little bit stitching even if it was cold.....

Take care,