30 mars 2009

Today is the big day!

Today is a very special day for me! My patterns have been finished for a while and now, finally, they are available on my little temporary blog shop. I´m working on a web site, but it takes a lot of time and because of that I decided to start this way.

When my web site is finished there will be a lot of pictures and inspiration from my quilting studio, tutorials, maybe some free bees and of course my shop. I hope that site will be published later this spring.

But for today, drum rolls please:

To celebrate I just have to have a Give Away, or five. There are five patterns in my shop at the moment and I will give away one of each.

You only have to tell me which of the patterns you prefer to win - and why you choose this one.
And you have to do it before Sunday (5/4).
If you link to my blog telling about my shop I will enter you twice in the drawing.

And don´t forget that I have to know your e-mail.....in case you´re a winner.....

Here are the patterns, three mini quilts/wall hangers, a bag and a flower quilt.

My Gardening Angel

My Kitchen Angel

My Sewing Angel

My Season Bag

Dancing Flowers

I feel like those flowers are dancing in my stomach, it´s a very exciting day for me.

Now I´m going to click on the publish-button and then go on working on my project for the Spring Swap...

Happy Stitching,


29 mars 2009

It´s close now!!!

Tonight or maybe tomorrow it´s time for my little temporary blog shop to open.
I decided to do it that way, with a temporary blog, while waiting for my real web site to be finished....
There´s just one picture missing and my sister will try my Paypal to be sure it works alright!
When that´s done I will press the "publish" button. Exciting!!!


28 mars 2009

Yes, I live in Sweden....

....but I wasn´t sure myself when I looked through my studio window yesterday! This is what I saw:

It´s not the world´s best picture, but they stood there, camels.....and some horses.

They live here, at the circus. Circus Olympia visits Oskarström for a week every spring and this weekend they will have their first show for the season.

About seasons, Easter is not far away, and today I´ve sent a parcel to my swap partner in the Secret Easter Swap.

I´ll show more of it when I know it has arrived by its new owner, far away, somewhere......

Soon it´s time for me to drive into town and pick up our daugther from a Night Club. It´s very late (2.00) and I´m really tired.... Yes, I´m old and I need to sleep....

Take care,


23 mars 2009

I have visited my mother

This weekend my mother had a belated birthday party and then I took this picture of the cat quilt I gave her on her real birthday last month.

This is how it looks when finished. A lot of cats.......

Tonight I´m exercising my brain. My Paypal account is set up, next question is: how do I use it on my blog and/or web site????
But I´m persistent and I will not give up......

Have a nice week,


19 mars 2009

Swap time!

I´m participating in three swaps; Four Seasons Quilt Swap, Easter Swap and Spring Swap.

My project for the Four Seasons Quilt Swap, a monochromatic quilt, is finished. My swap partner likes brown and that inspired me to make this tree, even if it´s not "springy" at all. Just a label on the back side and then it will be sent away....somewhere.....secret!!!

The Easter project is about half done and I can give you some sneaky peeks.....

The Spring thing is still only in my head, but here I talk about flowers.....and colours.......

I know I´m quite busy with these projects and have to go back to work....

See you,


18 mars 2009

I´m on top!

Two finished tops in one day! (Ok, a lot of work was already done.) Can´t believe it, is that me?

All blocks together and the borders in place. Time to purchase the back fabric, thinking bright pink....or maybe green.

The second one, not sure about what to choose for the back side, any suggestions?

There has also been a little progress on my hexagon quilt. I will post about it here.

Today I will finish my project for the Four Seasons Quilt Swap and work on my Easter Project,
and of course dresses, dresses, dresses........

Take care,


17 mars 2009

I haven´t got lost among all silk fabric....

......only almost. The dresses are high up on the list these days but I have to play with my other projects now and then, can´t resist.....and why should I?

Some blocks for the Hearts of Love quilt are finished:

A applique heart, I will add some blanket stitches around it.

A log cabin on its way, a few more strips are waiting.....

Pinwheels, a couple of them, I have made a lot.....
and a lot of flying geese are waiting to be pieced together.....
Angels are waiting to be stitched, hearts to be cut, stars to be pieced........
and in the end I have to decide how to put everything together!

Tomorrow I will be a good girl and finish an old quilt top:

I took this picture last summer, and since then I haven´t touched this one. But tomorrow I will add the borders and finish the top. Then it´s "only" the quilting left. I promise a picture of it tomorrow night.

Now it´s only a few days left before the Big Day, secret yet, but maybe you can guess.....
I promise giveaways then so keep your eyes open.....

Ooops, it´s after midnight, what about some sleep....
Good Night!


11 mars 2009

Dresses in progress!

"Good morning" everybody! This is a photo of myself which I took this morning......or not. But when I first saw this picture I thought I had forgotten to switch off my web camera!

Actually it is an award that I´ve got from aubirdwoman, thank you very much! This one was perfect for me, even if awards aren´t my "big thing", and I knew at once who would get it from me....Lizzan. I know her opinion about mornings and coffee....

Monday was a big "dress day" by me, three young and beautiful ladies were visiting my studio to try on their dresses. But they didn´t want to show their faces.... First out was "my" Josefin.

Next step is to baste the top and then she will try it again for a better fit. The skirt will be draped and the silver fabric show up under the turqouise....and we will add flowers and shoulder straps made of Svarowski crystals...
No fabric on her back....only the crystals will be there in a cross.

This blue one belongs to Sabina. There will be silk fabric draped on the ligther blue part...and maybe some black flowers.....

There dress will go deeper down on her back when finished.....

Josefin #2 is a lady in red....there will be a ribbon of small silver flowers on the top.....

On the back there will be lacing.....and we will drape the skirt to make it bigger.

Only about 2 1/2 month left to their prom, busy, busy, busy.....

At last, spring is on it´s way and we have flowers in our garden again!

It´s fantastic to find them among the old leaves. This photo is taken last week and they are much bigger now. Our neighbours have other sorts of flowers, white, yellow, purple.......wow, love it!!!!!!

"Springy" greetings from a sunny Sweden,


03 mars 2009

A challenge for myself.....

.....and that´s not an easy one...
On my side bar I´ve listed all my unfinished projects, (yes, it´s the very long one) and I´m not allowed to start any new projects that´s not on that list before there are only five left. The Calendar Quilt is not included because I can´t finish it before the end of 2009.

Some of the projects are nearly finished, some half way done and a couple of them are not started yet, but planned and fabric purchased. They are for swaps and other special occasions and need to be done.
I know this will be a hard challenge for me, but I have to manange it.....wish me luck!

Today I´ve been a good girl and worked on this project, my spring bag.

I´ve sandwiched it and started to quilt. My winter bag is also sandwiched and waiting.....no picture yet.

I haven´t counted the projects on the list yet, I don´t know if I dare....

Update: There were 42 projects and if I don´t count in the Calendar Quilt there are only 36 to finish......just give me a couple of days......and a maid.....and.....pooh!

Looking for strength.....