31 juli 2008

A frame and a butterfly

I´ve been working in my studio, but just for a while, because it has been to hot.....
A few pieces of fabric, some scraps and a butterfly, what will come out of that?
A lot of squares, some stripes, wings, red spots. Add som thread and...

...it will became a frame and a butterfly application! It think I will finished this project this weekend, the temperature is expected to be more normal then.
What it will be? Just come back and see!

30 juli 2008

Clever girl

I fixed it!
My mum isn´t clever, but I am...


29 juli 2008

Not so clever!

Pressed the wrong button! I´m working on a little update to make my blog look more personal and "mine", instead I deleted the work I´ve already done! Stupid me!
I´ll be back soon with "the right version".

Take care! (and think first, then do it, it´s my advice!)


28 juli 2008

Hot summer days!

Blogg time! "Nisse" the cat helps me.
Today has been a very hot day:

This morning I visited Tyger o ting in Burseryd, together with Josefin. The store is situated 45 min from home, out in the country. They sell fabrics and things for quilting and scrapbooking and much more. A very nice store. I bought some fabric:


More fabric for my stiching quilt. The teddy bear was finished yesterday.
Yo-yo maker

Buttons for my bag swap-bag.
Yesterday I ordered fabric for the bag and for a new quilt from the US, today I got a mail which said that it´s already shipped. I will recieve it perhaps on friday. That´s service.
At last I will show you some pictures from the beautyful summer of Sweden:

Påarp, a beautyful place outside Halmstad.

Today we met a lot of butterflies on our photo-trip!

Can you see the bumble bee?

One of my favorite flowers! A wonderful blue colour, and that bell-shape. Adorable!


26 juli 2008

Another sunny day!!!!!!

Today has been even hotter and sunnier than yesterday! No complaints about that!
We didn´t take so many pics yesterday because it was to sunny. But this evening we have been at Tylösand beach, one of the most famous in Sweden. Many pics have been taken, so be patient, I will post some of them soon.

Tonight I will show you some other pictures Josefin has taken in my studio:

My ladies have moved in!

A table for cutting and ironing! And my little computer table.

I bought 12 of these for my studio!

Yesterday I worked a little bit on decorations for the studio. First time here, and I liked it very much!



And stiching!
I haven´t worked on any quilt for some days, I´ve been to busy with other things. But now I will go on with it. Tomorrow, now it´s bedtime!
Good night!

25 juli 2008

A sunny day!!!

This morning the sun shines from a real blue sky without any clouds! It think it´s going to be wonderful summerday!!!! I´m going together with my hubby and daughter to the sea, to a wonderful place called Påarp. Josefin is bringing her camera with her so I think I can show you her wonderful pics tonight!
My studio is progressing, I have to carry away things that not should be there and clean it up. I´m working on things to put on the walls to make it look more cosy, but that will take some time....

Josefin has promised to take a lot of pics when all rubbish and tools are gone, I have only two pics to show you from my camera:
My sewing machines have moved in!

I really like my studio but I have to make it more cosy, creative, living!
Now I´m sitting in the kitchen looking at wonderful flowers Josefin picked in our garden last night. I must take a picture to show you. That´s that, here it is:

I love the combination of colours, ugly and beautiful at the same time. Inspires me to do something of fabrics in these colours......
Time to pack the picnic basket and leave for the sea. See you....

22 juli 2008

Help me organize!

About the sewing machine: Yes, it´s a Singer, my hubby found it at a flea market many years ago. I remember my grandma had one when I was a child, but my cousin is now the happy owner.

Today I have tried to organize all my sewing things. When I closed my first studio I was angry and bored, so I just threw everything into boxes, not thinking about the future....

Today was the future and what a mess! But okey, I have to be patient. Now I´m happy and full of life again! I just love my new quilt studio, it will be so exciting!!!

This is how it looked like in the morning! And many boxes left!
My poor fabrics!
That looks better!
My new room at home is a nice one to come home to. I´m very satisfied with how it came out; a crafting room for me and also a guest room.
But you can see who is living there; fabrics on the bed!
It was my teddy bear who played with them!
One of my sewing machines is at home.
I´ve got somewhere to put all my belongings!
This cute orange thing is a gift from my mother when she heard about my orange room. I love orange, it makes me happy!
Take care

UFOs found!

Now I´ve unpacked most of my boxes filled with things for the quiltstudio. Among all other things I found some unfinished projects. I took some pics and I can post them at once, because now I have fixed mobile internet. I did it myself, I´m so technical! LOL

This one is a quilt for a little baby boy.
And one for the girls made of scraps.
And here´s my sewing machine!
Handmade when we were on winter holiday some years ago, but never finished.
Nearly the first one I made!
Not much work left! Why?
One part of the studio is not a mess, the rest is!
Now I will go on making the mess up! Plenty of work!
See you!

21 juli 2008

Flea market!

Last Saturday I was at two flea markets. Here´s my findings:

12 pieces of orange linen, I will do stichery in bright colours on them and make a quilt (perhaps, some day!)

6 more pieces of linen, also for stichery!
For all theese I payed much less than I usually pay for one!
6 pieces of fabric with a Japanese look, don´t know what I will use them for, but they inspired me...
I fell in love with this one!
The last one, four of each item, I will use them in my new red "quilt-kitchen".
I have to hurry up, my hubby is waiting for me! It´s time to start moving my things to the quilt-studio! I´ll be back with pics, I promise!

20 juli 2008

A little bit more...

The floor has got larger! We worked on it the whole Friday, nearly, and now there only needs to be battens in the brown part before I can start to move in. And thats what it is about today.

The brown part of the room is ready...
...but it´s still a bit left to do!
In the evening we visited Halmstad´s Marine Festival, a festival with a lot of ships from all over the world visiting the harbour. You can go on board, and go for a trip too with some of the ships. And there are exhibitions, and you can eat and drink, listen to music..... But you can´t choose the weather, if, we had made it a little bit more sunny!

This ship is called Sedov and visits us from Russia. It´s the biggest one in the world of it´s kind.

It´s beautiful with sails up, isn´t it?

Yesterday I was at two flea markets, I will show my findings in the next post, together with pics of my new "at home-room".
It has been some busy days, but there is always time for some stiching, the angel is finished!
Have a nice Sunday!