18 september 2008

A very helpful angel!

I´ve stitched and stitched and stitched.....and my little gardening angel is not so pale anymore.

And she has already done a lot of work in our garden. I took a little walk around the house yesterday, and look, it´s still beautyful quite late in September....

Thank you very much, well done!
Another little angel was born yesterday!
Here are her colours, red, blue and a little of green.
And this is for her dress.
Can you guess where she works?

Today I got a mail from Betsy. My bag has arrived! Then I can calm down again, it has managed its long journey over the Atlantic Ocean. You can go over to her blog for pictures. I will show mine next time!
See you,

8 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Engelen ser kjempesøt ut!
Spennende sider hos deg :o)

Lappeklipp sa...

Sådana underbara änglar du designar och fantastiska färgkombinationer.
Tänk att ni fortfarande får färska jordgubbar hemma hos er, en sådan trädgårdsängel behöver jag också!
Ha ett fint veckoslut!!!!!!

Sherri sa...

Beautiful blue and red fabrics and threads for your "newest" angel--I'm sure she will be gorgeous!

Stina Blomgren sa...

Härligt Helena!!!
De ser helt underbara ut... :o)

Myra sa...

The peek at your angel looks wonderful! Love the colors! You photos of the garden are great!
The bag on Betsy's blog looks great!
Happy stitchings!

Anonym sa...

Vilka fina broderier du gör :) Det ska bli skoj och se när du är klar hur det ser ut i sin helhet ;-)

Ha en skön helg!

Unknown sa...

The angels look beautiful, are they something you design.

Sarah sa...

Oh I am loving your angel designs....