23 oktober 2008

A busy angel

Today I´ve been busy working on my Stitchers´Angel projects. Time runs away, next week it must be finished, I know. But yes, it´s OK with me. It´s so exciting! Who is my angel?
This one is finished, a little sewing bag. Maybe I add some buttons....

The other side

A little stitchery, finished but.....

there is a little bit more to do on that project......

And who is the recipient? Secret!

The table runner, my giveaway last week is finished and on its way to Ale in Italy. I will show you some pics of it here.
Ale, if you want it to be a secret until it arrives in your mailbox, don´t scroll down.

Here it is:

Squares and leaves
A closer look
The back side, easier to see the quilting.
Enough for this time. I´ll be back soon with my little "word thing", made out of all your fall words last week. Guess which was the most popular one?!

Take care,

5 kommentarer:

maria sa...

Hi, I love the fabrics you've used for the swap items. I too still have to finish making my gifts for the swap.
Maria x

May Britt sa...

Kjempefine gaver til din engel.
Kanskje det er meg???? LOL LOL
Har enda ikke hørt noe fra min hemmelige engel så ......... LOL
Ha en fin dag

Betsy sa...

Helena, you have to know that I simply love that runner. It is gorgeous!

Anonym sa...

Hi Helena,
Please allow me to introduce myself - I am your secret Stitcher's Angel partner!! I hope you like your gifts, I enjoyed making them for you. I've visited you a few times now and even left some comments but you won't know me just yet :-)
I hope your parcel arrives safely, it's flying thru the air right now... from Australia
happy stitching my friend
your secret angel

Kim sa...

Well done, Helena! Beautiful.