20 oktober 2008

Yes, I´m alive!

Here I am, still alive! Today we were trying to get nice pictures for my patterns. Did we made it? I don´t know yet, but we had a fun time!

Here she is, stitched, sister #3, My Sewing Angel. Quilting time!

Today the postman was kind to me, and so was Helene Juul from Denmark. She send me some wonderful fabrics.

Thank you very, very much, Helene!!!!

Reproductions from the 30s. I really love them!

Christmas fabrics....

...... and more Christmas....love the snowman....must create my own.....tonight...now!

Yes, I think it will be Christmas for me tonight, the snowman is waiting to be born, and then some stitches on My Christmas Angel.
But first I have to cook, everybody here are hungry....no inspiration.....boring...have to pull my self together......OK! Let´s go!

Have a nice time,


10 kommentarer:

Karen sa...

Hi Helena, your angels are soooooo cute! I have those snowman fabrics and they're a blast to work with. I know you'll have fun with them. Can't wait to see "your" snowman;)

Unknown sa...

It is much easier to decide what to sew next than to decide what to cook.

Anonym sa...

O I can't wait to see the christmas angel and buy your design.
I hope you have decided what to cook otherwise your family most be starving now

Groetjes marie-Jozé

Betsy sa...

Beautiful fabrics. Can't wait to see the snowman.

Myra sa...

Love your sewing angel! Your angels are all so cute!!! 8-)
Great fabrics! You luck lady!!!
I look forward to this idea you have brewing in your mind... 8-)
Happy stitchings!

Carin sa...

great fabric!!!

Sarah sa...

Oh she is georgeous! Looking forward to seeing the Christmas girl : )

Lynn sa...

So are the angels going to be available as a pattern - they are really adorable.

Micki sa...

I just ordered Christmas fabrics too, as I will be getting my presents ready early. I enjoyed your blog!
In Ireland

Kim sa...

Love those stitchery quilts and the fabrics, too! I agree with Gudrun, it easier to decide what to sew than what to cook, LOL!