23 februari 2009

Busy, busy, busy!

Cats, cats, cats, wonder how many there are?

Finally I finished this top, two days before my mothers birthday, and it was time for some quilting. That was what I thought, but no, sometimes nothing goes my way.....
I ironed the back fabric, lay it out flat and then the batting....too small....about 10 cm were missing....xxxxxxx (too awful words).
About 1 hour by car to the nearest quiltshop, but no car. And no birthday present for my mum.... (Yes, I could have started earlier, I know, but that´s not me. I create the best under pressure...)

A closer look

Next day, Wednesday, I´ve got an idea. A couple of years ago I purchased a piece of fleece for a robe, but never made it. There were 3 meters and the right colour....I don´t know if I like to put fleece on a quilt, but what should I´ve done instead...? It became very cozy and she really loved it....because of that it was the right choice.

Betsy, look what I did! It was very helpful this time, thank you for the idea!

Worked all day and almost all night, 2.30 am I cut of the last thread.....5 1/2 hours later I had to leave for Copenhagen.... We went there to celebrate my mothers 75th birthday, I and my daugther and my sister.....and mum, of course. We had a wonderful day, but when it was time to drive home again it was very snowy. 4 hours instead of 2 on the road, and we came home about 2.30 am.......Guess who was tired and what I did on Friday....

There was no time to take pictures of the finished quilt, I will do that next time I visit mum.

Take care,


2 kommentarer:

Betsy sa...

welcome back, I have missed your blog.
I made a bag for the daughters birthday using the same method you used on my bag for the handle..
That is the only way I want to make handles from now on. They look the best that way.
Thank you Helena.

Anonym sa...

Slutresultatet blev kanonbra i alla fall, och mamma blev som sagt jätteglad. Jag skulle också kunna tänka mig en sådan, glöm inte att jag fyller 25 år den 12 mars ;-)