20 april 2009

Hot stuff!

Thank you very much, Leah!

Look what I´ve got all the way from Australia.
A wonderful, hot "fire" quilt that will be perfect for my home office/crafting room. I love autumn and the colours of this quilt are mine. Really love it, thank you very, very much!

This weekend I´ve purchased a lot of stuff that I needed to be able to finish a lot of projects.
Fabric, batting, thread and a new cutting blade. That blade was the best, the old one made me crazy....what a feeling when things work your way....

I´ll be back with photos and sneak peeks of the projects, because when I´ve finished them there will be more patterns in my little shop.....

Take care,


7 kommentarer:

Betsy sa...

Helena I too picked up some quilting supplies this weekend. Your little hot fire quilt is adorable.

John sa...

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Fantastic pictures. Wow...

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syster sa...

kan du inte sy någon slags ambitions-mössa till mig?? skulle behöva en sådan


Lizzan sa...

Jag skulle oxå behöva köpa in lite för att bli klar med iaf en av de toppar som ligger och väntar.
Härlig liten quilt du fått!

Mistea sa...

That is an amazing fire quilt - Lucky you

HerzBlatt sa...

Wonderful, this Australian fire quilt!! Can you remember my Australian heart quilt I won last year?? It was marvellous, too.

Lynne sa...

Your secret Easter Swap stitching looks lovely.
Best of luck with your shop.