03 december 2009

Once upon a time....

.....there was a little girl......guess who it is?
Yes, it´s me and my grandma and grandpa.....about 45 years ago.....and I´m still stitching.

A closer look.

Today there was no stitching at all, didn´t feel well this morning and stayed at home together with my computer. My daugther was home too and took care of me and now I feel much better.
Tomorrow I´ll be back in my studio, a lot of projects are waiting for me......

5 kommentarer:

Joy sa...

What a gorgeous pic Helena, and what lovely memories it must bring back to you!!! Look at you stitching at such a young age ;o)!!
Joy :o)

Noémia sa...

Hope you fell better tomorrow.
You were so lovely and you stitched well already! Sweet memories!:)

Anonym sa...

What a nice pitcure, hope you are better now. Looking forward to see some projects from you.

Birdydownunder sa...

lovely memory photo. Hope you are feeling better. But ... it is cold...in your territory

HerzBlatt sa...

How lovely are these pictures of little Helena!!! I love old photos!
I hope you feel better now!!