04 mars 2011

Construction business - that´s my new thing!

I don´t know if I can call me construction engineer, but I´ve started with house building. My house is made of fabric, of course!
I´ve purchased the material, the draftings are finished and the inspiration is on top. Time to start!

A lot of patches!

I´m looking for lodgers, have to wait and see who is coming out of my pencil. When I´ve found six persons that I like I will let them move in  (stitch them in the windows).

Then it´s time for some gardening, some flowers in front of the house would look nice.

2 kommentarer:

Unknown sa...

That is the kind of construction that I like!! Can't wait to see more!

Lee sa...

Wow - Cool idea - can't wait to see who will be coming to visit - I am sure one may be a cat?