25 oktober 2011

The stitchery is finished!

Now have all the kids got heads and arms and legs. I think they became real cute.

Do they look alike?

May I introduce Ingrid, Tullan, Kerstin....

.....Ingvar and Britt, my mother.
I found that she had written all the names on the backside of the photo.

Now I´m going to add an apricot border to the stitchery and then I will stitch it together with this block. At last I will add a border made of an off white fabric with small flowers on it.

Then it´s quilting time. The wall will be quilted by machine and the stones on the ground will be hand quilted.
I really want to go on with this project know....how fun is it?

3 kommentarer:

Dolores sa...

It seems like a very nice project to be working on.

Betsy sa...

Adorable Helena.

Unknown sa...

that is adorable, I love it......great job