07 maj 2012

My website is back!

And I have got even more grey hair.....The support from Loopia (the webbhotel) was fantastic, it didn´t take more than 5 minutes for answering and help. That´s service!
Now there´s one more problem to solve and that´s why some of the pictures not will appear on the site.
I think the red crosses are quite beautiful, but......

This weekend a lot of laces have been made. Crocheting is fun, I think I have to do more....
The laces are for my new bag project.

I have started with the sewing too, using the wonderful fabric Anna och Butiken Annalunda gave me.

2 kommentarer:

WoolenSails sa...

Beautiful lace. I used to make my own crocheted doilies, but now I just go to the store when I need lace;)


Mistea sa...

Gorgeous lace - crochet is such a relaxing craft.
Pretty squares - can't wait to see the finished bag. Fun