01 september 2013

Handmade by my mother

These beauties are made by my mother. You will find them (and her) at Syverkstan during the Quilt-Rally.
Later they will be available in my webshop.
A closer look:

4 kommentarer:

Jo in TAS sa...

Your Mum does beautiful work, I love the cuffs, especially the red one with the two flowers.

Klarafina sa...

Fantastiskt fint :)

tubakk sa...

Her var det mye nydelig!

Catskill Quilter sa...

Helena, how sweet these are! I love the face, and the hearts are beautiful...my dear Mom, gone 15 years now, made some little pins of ladies with painted faces, and tiny tiny bead earrings, and hair from yarn, which she made into pins and magnets, and your mom's work reminds me of hers.