12 september 2008

Here it is - my bag!

This cutie arrived in my mailbox after a long trip all the way from the US and Karen. It´s so soft and cozy and wonderful and I really love it!!!

Best of all, it matches my new schawl, look:

And together with my black jacket.....fantastic!!

The bag was not the only thing I got, look here, these things were also included in the parcel:

The little butterfly thing moved into my home crafting room.

When I open the window it plays for me.
And where did the sweets go? I don´t know........ ;-)
Thank you very much Karen!!!!
This will be enough for today, hugs to everybody out there,

4 kommentarer:

Sarah sa...

Oh my Helena that bag is GEORGEOUS!!!!

Ohhhh I have not heard of mine being sent yet - waiting waiting....

Anette L sa...

Vilken supersöt väska!

Unknown sa...

It is really beautiful.

Jossie sa...

What a lovely bag you have got!