30 september 2008

It started with squares and ended with curls!

Yesterday morning I went on with my bag.

All pieces are cut and it´s time to sew them together.
Then I ironed the mugs in place.....

....and added the red border. Next step is to stitch them in place with black thread.
And take a look here, it´s finished, my first more advanced quilt.

This one is the one I started with quite a long time ago, when I decided to learn more about patchwork and quilting. It´s my first one with stars and triangels, I had only worked with squares before.

It´s on this one I made a lot of mistakes and because of that learned a lot. It´s not a perfect one and I don´t let you take a closer look, but I´m a little bit proud anyway.

And when I finished the binding yesterday and made it to a wallhanger I felt like a good girl. A very old UFO is finished :)))

Then my day became a little bit more curly as I had to help my friend, the hairdresser.

On next Sunday there is a wedding and party fair in an old castle called Wapnö. Anette, the hairdresser, and my daugther Josefin will participate together. Anette with hairstyles and Josefin with her own handmade jewelry. Because of that we dressed Josefin´s hair yesterday evening as a test for Anette. I made the curls, about two hours with a hair-waver, and I felt a little bit curly myself :)

The result. I think she looks beautiful, but I´m her mother.....
(Sorry Josefin, don´t missunderstand me...)

Perhaps the curls aren´t perfect, but she has a beautiful hair....

.....and makes beautiful jewelry!

Now I think it´s time for the square part of my life again..... (but early on Sunday morning, more curls.....)

Happy stitching,


6 kommentarer:

Betsy sa...

she is lovely and the curls look good to me,

Karen sa...

The mugs look great and so does your finished UFO.

Myra sa...

UFO is lovely, your mugs quilt looks great so far, and the curl are wonderful... 8-)
Happy stitchings...

Scottish Nanna sa...

Everything looks good to me Your Daughter is very pretty.
Hugs Mary.

Unknown sa...

Your daughter sure is pretty. One mug for right handed :)

Priscilla sa...

wow, I think you did a fantastic job on her hair, Josefin looks beautiful, and I'm not her mother saying that! :o)
Well done on the finished quilt - it looks lovely - don't worry about the mistakes - thats how we learn. I too have been making myself finish a few older projects before starting new fun ones - aren't we good girls!