25 december 2008

There is a winner!

Here it is, my son´s Christmas present, his crocodile quilt. And yes, he liked it. I´m very satisfied too. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun, but the result was that special quilt I´ve had in my mind.

The first person who gave me the right answer was Lori in Florida. The comment was left on 18th December. Lori, if you please contact me and let me know your address I will send you my prize. It will be a belated Christmas present and secret until you get it. Congratulations!
And thank you everybody for your suggestions.

I would like to show you the crocodile with a hinge but my mum don´t know where to find it. I think that one made you a bit confused. It was a part of a creche and had that hinge to get able to open and close his mouth. But I have a picture when I touch a crocodile on a farm in Thailand.
Don´t know if I was brave or only stupid, but I did it.

My next post will also include a competition - my 100th post give away - even if it happens to be post #102. Welcome back then!


7 kommentarer:

Simone de Klerk sa...

What a wonderful quilt, Helena! Your son will be very happy with it.
I hope you have a wonderful Cristmas and I'm looking forward to your competition (O:

OzRose sa...

Hello Helena, THANK YOU very much for my SSCS!!! I LOOOOOVE the quilt of my cats - purrrrfect in every way. Choc is in the fridge getting cold for me to eat later tonight and the decorations are on the tree. I havent been on your blog before but will be keeping an eye on it from now on. So once again a BIG thanks for the gift.
Love Val

Anette L sa...

Vilken härlig quilt! Riktigt unik - jag förstår att du är nöjd! :o))
God fortsättning! //Anette

Anonym sa...

What a nice quilt. Looking forward to give away and your stitchery.

Betsy sa...

Helena, that quilt is spectacular.
Congratulations on a finish!

Karen sa...

Your crocodile quilt is very creative!

Unknown sa...

Crocodile was not what I had in mind.