10 januari 2009

Longing for light!

Spring and summer and more day light are on top of my wish list now. It´s so difficult to take pictures, but I want to show you what I´ve been up to the last days.

The Love quilt is nearly finished and will be send to Germany and Herzblatt next week. I only have to stitch down the binding tonight.

And at the same time I will send away the Crocodile prize, haven´t forgotten that, finished yesterday. But secret until it arrives by Lori in Florida (no blogg), no picture until then.

And Jeanette, your little parcel is also on it´s way.....

This one is (or was) a real UFO, the first I made to try quilting by hand, and earlier today I put on the binding. Finished!

Earlier this week I joined the Calendar Quilt Challenge and here are the first stripes pieced together. There will be one stripe added every day this year, cut from the project I was working on. Every month there will be a little stitchery, today I stitched January. There will also be small stitcheries now and then for special occasions. From now I will post about this quilt here.

Three scrap log cabin blocks were made too, 16 done, "only" 134 left.
And yesterday evening there were some scrap hexagons added to my hexagon scrap quilt, but no picture of that today.

Now it´s time to pick up the needle, happy stitching,


4 kommentarer:

Paula sa...

Can you explain the calendar quilt challenge? I don't want to join, but I'm trying to figure out what you are doing! LOL

Ali Honey sa...

Your "love," quilt turned out beautifully. I notice all the words for love start with K, a, or l.

I'd like to know a little more about your calendar challenge too please.

Joy sa...

I can't imagine what it's like to not have daylight!!!
Your Love quilt turned out great ... and your handquilting on the star quilt is beautiful too :o).
Joy :o)

Unknown sa...

Now the days are getting longer, hurray.