27 september 2010

Have not forgotten, here are the winners!

Love it here in Blogland, a much nicer place than real life last week. But I´m back, haven´t disappeared for ever!

I would love to introduce the winners of my Give Away:

Handmade by Mai
Robin C

I just need your mailing address and your pattern will be on its way.

There was another competition on my website. Soon I´ve decided who the winners are and you can read about it there. 

I will be back soon with some stitching pics.

Happy stitching and take care,


4 kommentarer:

Unknown sa...

congrats to the winners......

Lee sa...

Wow - I am excited. I am new to your site/blog and love it. I hope this week is better for you Helena.
Thank you again - I sent you my address.

Anonym sa...

Wow I won, how great is that. Thank you. I will send you my adress this evening. I'm cooking right now and the potatoes are burning.

Kerry sa...

Hi Helena,
It's lovely to have visitors, thanks for coming. I am loving the autumn projects you are producing at the moment!