01 oktober 2010

Pumpkin Pleasure

 That´s the name of the autumn table runner. It´s finished and I´m satisfied. I love these autumn colours, think they are "mine".

Autumn came fast this year, it always do, and soon it is Christmas. How many days left? No, I don´t like to know.

I´m busy working on this years Christmas projects: My Christmas Angel, an ornament wallhanger and a "Christmas card pocket". Still stitching and stitching and stitching.....soon a lot of cutting.

Take care and happy stitching,


5 kommentarer:

Betsy sa...

it looks beautiful. Is it a new pattern

Lee sa...

Your fall table runner is lovely! The design is very nice and i love the fabrics you used.
Christmas? - I need to get started!

Noémia sa...

I love the autumn table runner and it seems to me that your Christmas project will be lovely too! :)

HerzBlatt sa...

Your autumn table runner is wonderful.....great colours!!!
I am busy working for Christmas, too.....And I really began to buy Christmas presents yesterday...*lol*....The shops are rather empty now and I can enjoy the Christmas time much more....
I love your Christmas Angel and I am looking forward to seeing the ready wallhanger!!

Käranån sa...

Vilken vacker höstlöpare du har sytt, färgerna är "mina".