02 januari 2012

Happy New Year!

I hope you all have had......

...A Happy Sew Year.

 Now I will wish you  a
Happy New Year!

(even this one with a lot of sewing time...)

My way to celebrate 2012 is to introduce my new BOM!

Every month a dog block will appear on my website as a PDF-file, free for downloading.
The first one will be there in the middle of January, together with a drawing of what I think the finished quilt will look like..

Feel free to use the logo on your blog....

The last instructions for Crazy Cats will soon be published....working hard!

7 kommentarer:

Unknown sa...

I really liked the cats that you made. Can't wait to see what you do with the dogs!

Maria sa...

looking forward to seeing the dogs you draw Helena. I loved the "Cats" and I have them tucked away to stitch.
thank you and all the best for 2012

Lee sa...

Happy new year! I am SO looking forward to the new bom of Dogs! I loved the cats (but I have dogs since I am allergic to cats!) thanks!!

Martina sa...

Happy new year! Looking forward to your BOM!

Rena sa...

Dear Helena,
wish you a very prosperous and happyness filled New Year !
I`m looking forward to your new BOM ,thanks !


Quiltbiene sa...

I wish you a happy new year.
I will also place your button on my blog.
Greetings from Sabine

Carmen BR sa...

Hola, me interesa participar en la elaboración de este panel de perros. Gracias