20 augusti 2012

Guardian Angels

A pillow and a small wall hanger.... 
Guardian Angels is the next pattern you can find in my webshop.

3 kommentarer:

Martina sa...

Every pattern is so sweet. Hard to decide whch one I like best. But I really love this little quilt and the season bag. Cut, cute!!

Silvia sa...

Me parece precioso! Es muy bonito. Felicidades.

Unknown sa...

merci beaucoup pour vos free patterns
et je viens de commander le sac des saisons "my seasons bags"
I love they so much, they are so pretty!!
I'm a beginner of patch and quilt,but it's so......beautfull!
thnks for all and I an waitting our send
excuse-me for my very bad enghis
many kisses ans french frienship