16 maj 2013

At last

My new laptop has arrived and I´m so happy. Quick and easy and just mine.
For quite a long while, since my oldfashioned and  "narrow" computer decided to retire, I have had to use my husband´s work laptop.
Very kindly, of course, what would I have done otherwise? But it has ment not so much time for me....
Well, because it hasn´t been any problems with my sewing machines it has been a lot of stitching done.
That means a lot to show...

 Let´s start with this one!

This bags was made for one of my display windows. I made them in these light colours because of the sun...
There are two of each kind. Easy to make and very useful.....and cute!

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ana-ane sa...

Son bonitos y elegantes, me gustan mucho