09 juni 2013

Comming soon!

The summer angel is soon finished. Here are some sneak peeks from the stitchery,

The angel herself is dressed in a beautiful purple dress and a butterfly is sitting in her hair.

The cat is in the garden, he loves the warm weather.

Baby birds in the house.

The strawberries are ripe.

 Flowers everywhere.....

....and a lot of insects!

Have a wonderful summer! 

4 kommentarer:

snigglar@gmail.com sa...

It´s that nice, where will the pattern appear?

Maritza sa...

Elena qué bordados tan bonitos!!! Las puntadas están muy bien hechas, todas iguales....un beso.

Mistea sa...

She is very sweet. Love all the animals gathering around the pretty flowers.

ana-ane sa...

Muy bonitos y simpáticos.

Me gustan.