05 december 2008

You are the coolest!

Some days ago I got this award, and it made me feel so cool.....it came from May Britt, a cool girl from Norway. Thank you very much!

But I can´t choose 10 blogs, or I can´t choose which blogs I can´t choose....or something like that.... This blogland is the coolest land I ever know.....I will give the award to everyone out there!

And now it´s time for something not so cool, today´s clues. And if you missed the first ones, the competition started 28/11. This is what I will tell you about "the thing" this time:
I said it´s not so cool, and then I meant that you will forget about the snowman and other cool things.

Then forget about wheels.
Soon I will add some small white triangels on the quilt....and something round.

Enough for this time, looking forward to read your suggestions.....who will be the lucky winner of my secret Christmas gift?

Tomorrow I will visit Gothenburg and the fair-ground Liseberg. There is a wonderful Christmas market every year. So many lights and wonderful things....pictures will come!

Have a nice weekend,


8 kommentarer:

Simone de Klerk sa...

I think it is a sailboat. The blue fabric wednesday, the white triangles you are going to add, no wheels. That's my suggestion so far, but maybe I'll have to change my mind after the next clue.
Have a nice visit in Gothenburg and Liseberg. We will be celebrating Sinterklaas tomorrow (O:>

Simone de Klerk sa...

I'm not sure if my comment got through. I think it is a sailboat. Might have to change my mind after your next clue.

Ali Honey sa...

Congratulations on your award. I love your blog too so it is well deserved.

Now the competition seems to be getting harder not easier......

Maybe it's a musical instrument?

Nancy sa...

Hm....could it be bubblegum machines?

or maybe a blimp?? like the Hindenburg? LOL

Betsy sa...

congratulations on the award Helena. you earned it.

Unknown sa...

Something round and triangles??? Those triangles make it difficult to guess.

Sarah sa...

OH I am SO JELOUS about you going to a Christmas market - SHOW US THE PICTURES!!!!!

Anonym sa...

I visit your blog coming from Lynette anderson's . Congratulation for being one of the winner. I am so happy to discover you live in Sweden, I live in the north of France and I am found of Northern countries, at the moment i 'm very busy with the time of christmas, quilting, preparing surprises for my friends and my 5 children .Your snowman is great, we had snow this night I enjoy this time of winter, snow outside and fireplace and sticherry inside .HAve a nice day and I'll be back soon on your blog . Marry poppins from France