10 augusti 2010

Kiruna and more

After a couple of days filled with mountains and lakes and mosquitos we reached the civilization again. It is the northernmost city in Sweden, Kiruna.
Maybe it´s mostly known for the mine but also for its church. A very special building. Inside nearly everything was made of dark wood. Very special....but "cool".

In that town I also found a very special quilt store, don´t remember the name, sorry. But there where lots of beautiful fabric - my style. Couldn´t resist this reindeer fabric - what a souvenir.

After that visit it was time for the wilderness again. This is a picture of Kebenekaise, the highest mountain in Sweden. A beautiful view.

Just beside that lake was this hamburger bar called Lap Dånalds. A hamburger made of reindeer meet and a cold beer together with that veiw, that is what I call quality of life.

More beauty! Lots of clean water, fantastic to drink.

Even more water!

And mountains! Driving up high,,,,,

......up to the highest situated road in Sweden, passing Stekenjokk. This high location was our home for one night.

Guess who´s sitting here, stitching.....wrong, it´s not my hubby!

Tomorrow I will show you the last pictures from our trip, then we went home again.

But on Friday it´s time for another trip, going south. Of course we have to visit the southernmost place too this summer, within a month.

Happy stitching and take care,


2 kommentarer:

simplestitches sa...

thank you for sharing your holiday photos...what a beautiful country! I'm enjoying your trip...
cheers Julz

Mistea sa...

I love that reindeer fabric - perfect souvenir from this location.

Have enjoyed seeing the pics of your travels it sure is a beautiful country you live in.