04 augusti 2010

Visiting "Treriksröset"

That´s the place where three countries meet, Sweden, Finland and Norway.
We chose to go there from the Finnish village Kilpisjärvi.

You can walk all the way if you want to, but we decided that a boat trip to start with was the best choice.

When you leave the boat you are in Sweden.

Walking. It´s not a river, it had been a rainy day.....perfect for the mosquitos, big as elephants....

Beautiful views....

It´s not easy to get there.....

....it´s in the middle of a lake.

Here I am. I believe I´m in Sweden, but I´m not sure. Maybe it´s Norway....or Finland.
If you walk around that stone you have been in three countries. That´s why I´ve been in Finland a lot of times now.
This is not only a border of three countries, it´s also the northernmost place in Sweden.

Tomorrow I will take you to Norway....


Here are the stitching pictures for today:

This one was finished earlier this summer.

You can find the pattern in Fat Quarter, the Swedish quilt magazine.

Happy stitching and take care,


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Noémia sa...

Nice photos and a very curious point, that stone!
Have three, pay one :)
I love all your Sweden and Norway landscapes.
Enjoy your trip and holidays and don't regret the rain, I'm leaving to Russia and I'm afraid with the excessive temperatures and fires.:)